Friday, July 20, 2007

The quil I received from the Doll Quilt Swap #2

This morning when Pooh woke up he found me surfing the flickr pictures of the Doll Quilt Swap. I had been watching for one quilt that someone was making in civil war fabrics, but then I noticed that someone else had already received it. My heart sank, but then I came across a quilter in Ireland who was working on a Dear Jane doll quilt for the swap. Hand pieced and hand quilted, and her first hand quilted finished piece at that. The first thing I said to Pooh is "IS SHE CRAZY" followed by "OOOHHH, I hope it's for ME!" I then went off to her blog. She is a quilting mom from Ireland. She has a Dear Jane in her quilt frame. I only dream about having a Dear Jane on the quilt frame. With dreams of a dear jane doll quilt in my head, we started on math and Latin lessons for the day. Our mail box is at the street at the end of a very long gravel drive way, so the only time a mail car comes down is when they have a package. When we saw the mail car come down our gravel drive way we both raced outside. I thought for sure I was going to have a heart attack when I saw the return mailing address. "IRELAND!" It's MINE! We ran back to the house and with hands shaking and my eyes welling up with tears I opened the package and there was not only a doll quilt but civil war fabrics as well. I can't imagine parting with such a sweet quilt. I can't say thank you enough to my swap partner. THANK YOU, CATHI!

Doll Quilt Swap - The one I get to keep!

One day last month while going through some of my favorite blog stops I came across the Doll Quilt Swap. Quilters could sign up to make a quilt no smaller than 13x13 and no larger than 24X24. Signs ups were just about over, but I added my name and color choices anyway. It would still be two weeks before I received the name and color preferences for the person I would be making a quilt for. With with the family away on a camping trip that weekend I started and was able to finish a doll quilt TOP. I had just taken a 19th century scrap bag quilt class with Jeana Kimball at the NQA Quilt show in Ohio and I wanted to practice using lots of different fabrics to achieve a scrappy aged look. I used a tea dyed muslin from Marcus brothers for the shoe fly blocks. Wanting the top to look aged I gave the pink fabric a soak in a tan RIT dye bath. I sorted through my fabrics and found almost 50 different browns. I used only 12 in this little quilt, but I have plans for a larger quilt for the other 38 browns. I love the way it turned out. As far as using it for the quilt swap, it was close to my partner's color choices, but I want her quilt to be in the colors she likes. So I will have to make another quilt. I hope she likes it.