Friday, December 28, 2007

Little Felt Things

Just after Thanksgiving I found myself in a pinch. In October I had signed up to be part of a stocking swap. EASY, I thought Christmas is forever away and I am a pretty good knitter. I had the wool, a pattern, and suddenly I am three days from the mailing deadline, and no stocking, not one stitch. As a matter of fact, I never even wrapped the wool into balls. But tucked away in my sewing cabinet drawer was a felt stocking kit that had been waiting patiently for me...for three YEARS! I bought the kit, with good intentions, and once again ran out of time, and courage. I had never stitched with felt or done beading or blanket stitch.

After just a couple of hours of stitching I keep wondering what all the fuss was about, this kit went together so quickly and easily. I am rather embarrassed to say that I lacked the courage to try something new. Since completing the one for the swap, I have made two others. One I sent to my mother for Christmas and the other I am tucking away for a gift for next Christmas for a dear friend.

With all the felt, beads and embroidery floss out on the table, I wanted to see if I could find a way to make a needle book for a swap that I have to send out next week. Thanks to Joann's Fabrics I have moved on with the seasons and have been thinking about hearts. The children and I were at Joann's a week before Christmas and they already had a Valentine's section set up. I guess we really aren't that far away from February 14th, but geez can't we wait until after Christmas is over to be rushed into the next holiday! I found a heart shape just the right size for a needle book and I came up with this crazy quilt felt needle book. I just hope my partner on the other side of the Atlantic likes it.

The top heart flips up and there is a piece of cream felt tacked down at the corners with embroidery floss. If the felt gets worn out from to much use, the cream piece can easily be replaced.
My needles are forever finding their way onto the floor. Just this morning Piglet brought me a needle that she found on her bedroom floor. It baffles me how it ended up there. I never sew in Piglet's room. I'm not sure I could find anywhere to sit, not with all her dolls and doll cloths stretched from one side of the room to the other. I am a maker of needle books, yet I don't use one. As soon as I can buy some time, I think I will make one for me.