Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Here is my handle, here is my spout!

Nothing special, just a little blue tea pot. But all I have to do is see it and I am reminded of the hot summer day that I bought close to 20 years ago. My mom had come to visit...never mind...it's just a little blue tea pot. I keep it up in a special place way up high in the very back of the cabinet behind mugs that no one ever reaches for. When the children are grown and the puppy is an old lazy dog, it will come out of it's hiding place from way up in the back of the cabinet where it waits for me.

But while I am waiting for that day to come, there is a whole lot of swapping going on. This week, Rhonda over at Down to Earth has announced her newest swap. Each person will make a tea cozy and send it off to her partner and in return her partner will send one back to her. The cozy may be knitted, crocheted, quilted, felted or sewn. The possibilities are endless. I can't wait to see what partner I am matched with and the tea cozy she makes for me. I look forward to working on something special for her. I hope she will show a photo of the teapot I will be making a tea cozy for. Hurry! go visit Rhonda today. Even if you don't sign up for the swap, she is a must read blog! Sign up ends this Friday.

In the past, Rhonda has hosted swaps for cloth napkins, aprons and dishcloths. I missed Rhonda's swap for the dishcloths so I began hosting my own over swaps over at Swap Bot. You can join Swap Bot by setting up a free account. When sign ups close the system randomly assigns partners. The swap is for two dishcloths to one partner. There are no size requirements and the cloths may be knit or crochet. The first swap is just finishing up and we've all received wonderful packages from our partners. If you are interested in joining the next swap sign ups end on the 14th of January. There are a total of 6 Dishcloth swaps that I am hosting from now until June through Swap Bot. The pretty dishcloths and amazing soap in the photo are from a private swap I did with another blogger. She should be getting hers in the mail any day.

If you are new to my blog, you may be wondering what the Four Seasons Quilt Swap is all about. This swap is a four part swap for a doll/wall quilt sized quilt that is your interpretation of the current season of the swap. The first swap was held for the fall quilts and you can see the quilts that were exchanged if you visit the Fours Seasons Quilt Swap blog. So the blue, purple and cream LeMoyne stars that are running down the side of my blog are photos of the progress I have been making on the blocks for the winter quilt swap. LeMoyne stars are one of my favorite blocks. I learned to piece them by hand in a class I took from Jinn Beyer. The blocks remind me of snowflakes when worked in blue and cream. I threw in some purple to brighten things up a bit. The quilt needs to be mailed off by January 31, 2008. I need to spend more time stitching and less time blogging. Partners were secretly assigned so I won't know who is making a quilt for me until I receive it. You can see a list of all the swappers and visit each of their blogs by visiting the Four Seasons Quilt Swap blog.

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