Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Of course when my husband told me this morning that it snowed, I thought he was paying me back for a little prank we played on him last night. Only to roll out of a warm bed to prove him wrong and call his bluff...when what to my wondering eyes did appear....

Curses....snow! Now it's not much, I know...just about an inch, but I have plans. The flannel sheets have been stripped from the beds and packed away, the garden is sprouting and the corn in the little Styrofoam cups needs to be put into the ground....it's a chance you take here. Some seasons you can beat Mother Nature at her own game and other times she let's you know it's just one more thing in your life that you have absolutely no control over...hmmm, me control freak? NO WAY!

These were the only flowers still perky after be covered with a chilly white blanket last night.

We are about a week away from having one of the most beautiful lilac trees I have ever seen. I was out quickly this morning knocking the clumps of melting snow and ice from the branches. The weather forecast is saying 55 degrees for this afternoon, otherwise I would have left the snow on as an insulator from colder temperatures.

Maybe Mother Nature knew just what I needed when she blanketed our farm in snow this morning. The gardens will be far too wet to work in, so we'll be inside today baking a cake for a Grampa's birthday and working on getting the top quilted for the Four Seasons Quilt Swap. Just a few quilting stitches, binding and label away from a finished top.

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