Tuesday, April 29, 2008

How can you tell what season it is?

You can always tell when it is Spring because kittens seems to pop up just as quickly as the dandelions. If you think you are seeing double...

Then you better take a closer look....

Not one, not two...

but THREE little kittens!

The two grey kittens came home last week and were the only ones we were considering adding to the farm. We have lost a couple of barn cats in the last year and the one that is left is very lonely. So we came across these two little rascals and what mother could resist these cutie pie faces. They follow the children around like dogs and had their first experience walking on grass. They hated the way it felt on their paws and they immediateley began hopping and jumping trying to stay off of it, which quickly earned them the names Tiger and Roo

And I don't know what made me go back and check the craigslist board again the next day, but someone posted a listing for a kitten that had been found in a foreclosed home. Little is known about the age of the kitten. It's eyes were open and ears alert and it was just beginning to do a shaky stand and a step of walking. From what I remember about hand raising kittens in the past this littlest one is about 3 weeks. We have no teeth which would put us closer to four weeks.

But it's round the clock feedings and changing kitten bedding and lots of lots of snuggling. After spending all of the hours feeding with a syringe and snuggling and cleaning up the mess that even one little kitten can make, I just don't know if I can send this littlest one out into the world of the barn cats. A hand raised kitten bonds with it's care takers in ways that other cats don't. I'd love to find a place where she can curl up on an ironing board or on top of a snuggly quilt in a patch of sunlight and call it home.

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