Thursday, June 5, 2008

Ten Day Trip to Swede.....

Oh! Believe me I really wanted to be able to finish the title with an "n" at the end of Swede......

But here are the rest of the letters....sboro! Now just smush all the letters back together and you get Swedesboro. Where exactly is Swedesboro you ask? Well I can leave my passport here at home as I won't be needing it! We won't even need to take an airplane to get there. Instead my two children and I are planning on packing our VW and making the trip the old fashioned car. I am beginning to have flash backs of my own childhood summer car trips. I hope that I don't end up sounding like my mother by the time we get there!
There will be two less children in my car then there were in my parent's car
and there should only be HALF of the bickering! Plus my children are by law required to wear their seat belts so no one will be fighting over who gets to ride in the back of the station wagon like we did when we were kids. I can't imagine how my parents ever drove with four of us jumping around over the seats to get into the back so that we could ride laying down.
Thank goodness for the seat belt buckle laws!

Now if I could just get the Air Force to help patrol the airspace between brother and sister on the upcoming car trip we may have a bit of peace and quiet.
But family car trips are the stuff that childhood memories are made of and how could I not let my children experience the joys of seeing a bit of the country through a car window...

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