Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Back home from Michigan, where I spent four days at a quilting retreat. I was inspired to come home and stitch up a Cherrywood Farbrics Amish Bars quilt. The quilt is 50" x 50" and will be marked and put into the quilt frame this winter. I can picture cross hatching in the bars, with pumpkin seed flowers in the lavender border and a feathered vine wrapping itself around the navy and red corners. In order to get this one into the frame, I need to finish quilting the ShooFly quilt that has patiently been waiting for me in the frame this summer. The days are threatening to be hot over the next week and at little hand quilting in a cool basement is a great way to escape the heat. I have to decide what color to do the quilting in. I'm thinking about a medium shade of grey. Any suggestions?

We do not run the air conditioning and on the hottest days it is not unusual for the house to heat up to 86 degrees. This is our second summer living without the air on, and by doing so my children play outside and I am able to work outside longer into the heat of the day if we are not spoiled by the cooled air. When we head into town, we are always surprised that there are no children outside playing in the yards or parks. As a child I can always remember being outside riding on bikes or making forts in the woods, but I never remember sitting inside on a summer day. Have we conditioned the children that it can be too hot to play?

The beets were ready and waiting to be pulled when I went out to the garden. Some were even a bit too large and when I placed them in the jars for pickling I had to fold them in half to get them through the jar opening. I was able to get a quart and a half of pickled beets out of this bunch. I am the only on in the house who likes them and I am still trying to find the perfect recipe...not too sweet and not too sour. I hope to put away at least 12 quarts, but I'm not sure that I have planted enough seed this year and will likely do a repeat planting this week. I am still learning a lot about second plantings and think that I still have enough time to get a few more rows in.

Love, Joy and Piece!


Judy said...

Oh my, what a lovely quilt made from some of my favorite fabrics! I bought a little selection last year at the quilt show and haven't used them yet. Just the right project is waiting for them.

I think the medium gray is a perfect choice since a lighter beige would stand up and shout on the blue and the red...but the gray will blend nicely with all the colors. Good choice! The quilting will really look spectacular! May I ask what kind of quilting frame you have?

I grew up with no air conditioning either except one small window unit in the kitchen which I think was to keep my mother from falling over while fixing meals for 6 kids! Partly I think it just wasn't as hot back then, and we were always out playing, riding bikes or at the pool so we were never inside!!

Nadine said...

It's gorgeous, Christine ! I KNEW you would have pieced such a beauty, after your trip through Amish County :) Your color choice is so strong and yet gives a soft and peaceful feeling... Oh, I'm sure it's gonna be a heirloom, when quilted !

Yes, like Judy, I wonder what kind of frame you're using ?
(Actually, I never saw any Q.frame in real. I'm using a large hoop, and am dreaming about one on stand)

No other suggestion for your quilting thread color : soft grey is absolutely perfect.

By the way, the other 2 small applique quilts on the line are sooo cute, too ! LOVE them....

My little garden is growing slowly with all the rain we're having, but I'm seeing some nice harvest coming, anyway... patience.

My beloved grandmother used to prepare delicious pickled beetroots. Too bad I can't remember the exact recipe. She didn't keep any notes, and used to say : "look, learn, try , and invent if you don't remember! The best recipes are accidental" :)

THANKS for this wonderful post, dear. Now I'm gonna build an Amish quilt, while sleeping ! LOL

BIG BEAR (((HUGS))), and smiles.


Catherine said...

Your quilt is fabulous! I agree -- the soft grey will be perfect for a thread colour.
Even on the hottest days, we very rarely have the a/c on. I don't think it's all that healthy to live indoors in cold air when it's warm out. No wonder people don't want to go outside in the summer when they live inside with the windows shut and the air freezing cold -- they're not letting their systems get used to the warmth. I love the fact that even on the hottest days, when we go outside, we're not melting -- and not feeling it to the same degree that so many others do. Plus not using the a/c is helping the environment.

Linda said...

My how your verandah looks so inviting. Love the little quilts you have hanging on them. I tend to agree with the other ladies on the thread colour.
I used to bottle beetroot, am trying to remember what my recipe was. I'm guessing you want measurements? Let's see what I can do without those.... water, sugar, cloves peppercorns and mustard seeds. Not sure my method would work in the US jars, we used to cook the beetroot in the pickle juice then put then into the sterilized jars, remove any air bubbles, lid and let them cool.

Marilyn R said...

I have some Cherry Wood fabric that is patiently waiting for me. It is such beautiful fabric. Your Amish Bar quilt will be fantastic to say the least. I agree with the grey thread for quilting. It will show up nicely.

lil said...

Christine, this one is beautiful and I think grey quilting thread will work amazingly

love also those 2 little quilties

and beetroot, yummy yummy, my mum always bootled them and I just loved that, but I also like them raw, thinly sliced amd mixed with some apple slices and a mayo dressing