Saturday, July 19, 2008

In search of the RIGHT purple

After a lengthy search, I have finally found the right combination of purples for this quilt. The darker purple was the fabric that I had trouble choosing. I found it patiently waiting for me in a small Amish quilt shop in Holmes County, Ohio. After making it up in a small version, I have decided to go forward with plans to make a queen size quilt in the same colors. The smaller one will be hand quilted and set aside for a baby quilt in hopes of grandchildren someday.

Earlier this year my mother asked if I would make two quilts for a friend's grandchildren. The first one went together fairly quickly and was quilted and bound in a few days. The second quilt needs to be for a little boy and I couldn't decide which block or pattern to use. After visiting the Lancaster Quilt and Textile Museum in June, I decided that this was exactly the quilt and colors I needed for a little boy.

My version of the quilt measures about 50" x50" This quilt will be marked with cross hatching and machine quilted and bound in dark green. I've chosen a dark charcoal colored thread for the quilting and a Mountain Mist Blue Ribbon batting. The backing of the quilt will be a cream muslin.


Nadine said...

Oh My ! You always make such beautiful quilts, with such gorgeous color combinations :>)
The first one is breathtaking, and the second one is definitely the right one for a little boy.
It's fascinating, how those Amish patterns and fabricsare intemporal : so very traditionsl, and yet totally contemporary. They can fit any home style: either country, or up-to-date.
No wonder that more and more modern designers are buying them...

As to me,-as usual- I can only put an Amish quilt on my must-do list, right away - no TWO of them : a "Square in a square" one,AND a "Trip around the World" (or is it "Sunshine and Shadow "? I never know :)

THANKS for this inspirational post, dear friend !


Catherine said...

All three of these are stunning! The first one is absolutely fabulous. Some really wonderful feathered wreath in the middle of that would be amazing.
The second and third ones are wonderful too.
I have a book of patterns for doll/small quilts using the traditional Amish patterns and seeing yours has made me want to get that book out and make a few! First I'll have to buy some solids -- that seems to be the last thing I ever buy.

Judy said...

Oh I have to agree with the others that both are just wonderful quilts!! Purple is such a hard one to match or get just the right's either blue based purple or pink based purple. I think you chose perfectly. Can't wait to see the quilting bring them to life!

lil said...

Christine, the purple one is my absolute favourite, oh yes

I always wanted to do one like these, your work inspired me again, maybe I should go for it soon

I just need some solids, maybe I find them in Val d'Argent France (amish cradle in Europe)