Wednesday, July 23, 2008

When your best friend is a chicken...

Yesterday was a sad day on our farm. This little girl's best friend, who happens to be a bantam white chicken was attacked by our 16 year old hunting dog who rarely moves from the couch. We're not sure what has gotten into the old dog as she hasn't hunted since she was 2 years old and didn't prove to be a very good bird dog back then!

But sometime yesterday afternoon the old dog and chicken crossed paths and we found Tinkerbell, the chicken being carried around in the mouth of the dog. "We need to take her to the vet, Mom, hurry get a box!"

While I love both my children and animals dearly and want the best for all of them, I had to say that the $2.00 chicken was NOT going to the vet. She had no open wounds and was able to stand on her own two legs after being comforted a bit by girlie. I announced that the chicken would die of fright if it was put into a car and driven into town. The children forget that the chickens came to the farm by way of car a year ago when they were day old babies and cute little balls of fluff.

I am crossing my fingers that Tinkerbell pulls through and goes on to live a full life in the rabbit hutch, where she is safe from dogs, that she now calls home. Because you can't order just one bird from the chicken hatchery you have to order 25 and I just don't need 24 extra chickens!

The photos of Tinkerbell and girlie were taking a few weeks ago. This morning Tinkerbell's feathers are a bit ruffled and a few of the feathers are matted with dog slobber, but she has survived the first 24 hours. I've promised girlie that I would ask that you think good thoughts for Tinkerbell and her speedy recovery.


Linda said...

What lovely photo's of your little princess. Good thoughts happening here for Tinkerbell. If she survived the night I'd say she's on the road to recovery.

Nadine said...

Oh, yes dear, I'll have good thoughts for Tinkerbell. Poor little chicken. I'm so sorry that Sarah had to live that freight...

I also realize I missed your yesterday's post with such good news about your pink and brown quilt:>) Congratulations, my friend, I KNEW you would make it, and I'm so happy for you. You deserve it so much.

BIG, BIG (((HUGS))) and a special to Sarah !


lil said...

I think as many good thoughts as possible during the night, I promise, you can tell your little miss

Catherine said...

I'll definitely be thinking of Tinkerbell and hoping she has a total recovery from her run-in with the dog. Wonderful photos!

Judy said...

Oh hopefully she just had some puncture wounds and will right herself with extra love from little girlie! Oh why do dogs do these things?

My poor hubby came home last week and lost a kitten at work to the dog that comes with one of the contractors. She wasn't, thankfully, hubby's work pet, or the one they just chipped in to have spayed, but a feral kitten that visits but it was awful just the same. I know it's often just nature, but it's still awful when it happens.

I'll keep Tinkerbell in my thoughts!