Sunday, August 31, 2008

Alone She Sits

Alone She Sits Alone she sits beside her window, awaiting time to fill her days ~ with golden thoughts that she remembers, drifting as she waits away. Thoughts they pass through moments lonely to bring a shadow of the past ~ on wings of older day's remembrance treasured now in sweet repast. Alone she sits beside her window, blind to the world but not in sight ~ as deep within her heart now weakens while waiting long through night and light. Awaiting for an ashened ember to light her spirit just once more ~ and feel rekindled joy awaken 'ere earthly closing of time's door. Alone she sits beside her window, while dreaming of love's evermore ~ unaware with mind's shadow her love has passed this way before. Lost in life's now faded essence, a single tear now falls for same. How bitter is the salted teardrop ~ as lonely now calls out her name. Alone she sits beside her window, folded hands now cross her chest. Yet underneath there lies the image ~ in picture pressed against frail chest. As light turns night in pale-lit sunset, a smile of memory will burn. Eyes now face a last horizon~ as vision shows her love's return. Alone she sits beside her window, sated now as love's reborn. Lasting moments in its passing while there ~ her heart will never mourn.
Hazelmarie Elliot

Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Quilt Give-Away!

I wish I had a finished quilt to giveaway! Between embroidery pincushions and new dresses for my sweet pea I haven't put a stitch in at the frame in days. But if you hurry over here and visit Marilyn at Piece by Piece. She s having a drawing for one of her quilts to celebrate her 100th post. All you have to do is leave a comment and she will be drawing a winner soon. Good Luck!
This wee fairy is determined to fly!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Old dogs can.....

and should learn new tricks!
I don't remember how I found myself on the this blog, but I bookmarked it after my first visit and stopped by occasionally. The blog gives updates about knitters and crocheters that take time away from their other projects to work on cotton bandages that will be donated to villages where people have been diagnosed with Hansen's Disease. Honestly I wasn't even aware that there was a single case remaining in the world. Having not heard of any recent cases it was easy to assume that it must have been cured. My assumptions were wrong! There are many villages in Viet Nam and India that still have cases of Hansen's Disease and need bandages that can be washed and reused. The knitted and crocheted bandages withstand wear and tear better than standard gauze bandages.
Having a very sore finger from quilting and embroidery I decided that I was in need of a change. And so I visited the blog again and decided that I had a few spare minutes to help while the puncture wound on my under finger healed. Of course I had nothing like the cotton these bandages require, so on Friday we jumped into the little car and drove into the big city to find the cotton that these bandages require, because just like what happens in quilting, you never have what you need in your stash. Now here's the part where it gets tricky...I am a knitter! On numerous attempts I have tried to chain a few stitches and have a go at crocheting only to throw both the ball of cotton and crochet hook in the trash. Somewhere buried deep by now in the local landfill must be at least five or six crochet hooks and balls of cotton. So what was a crochet hook doing in my basket at the craft store? Well I thought I would give crocheting one more try as I am now in more forties and much wiser than I was before, or at least I like to pretend in front of my children that I have the wisdom of an owl. So into the basket went size D, size E and size F crochet hooks along with a book that promised to teach me crochet in just one day. Surely must have been written by the Eleanor Burns of the crochet world! (Queen Ann's Lace has always reminded me of crochet doilies) But the title didn't lie, because by the end of the first lesson something clicked and I realized that I was getting it. Maybe it's true that old dogs CAN learn new tricks! Now, I won't be knitting granny square afghans for anyone for Christmas, but I do have my eye on this little number over at Purl Bee. And who knows, maybe if I keep practicing my crochet stitches ,and stop throwing the hooks away someone just might get a granny square afghan for their birthday!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Can you guess why.....

this little girl
would be jumping for joy?!
We will not be moving to New York City! We have decided that we love the simple life we are creating here on our small farm for our children. The children wanted me to join them on top of the hay bales for a race, but I was able to talk them out of it when I reminded that I needed to take pictures to see who wins... It was girlie by a foot!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Something else that grows up way too fast!

one day a rolly polly ball of fluff.... and the next it seems, a serious girl with her work in the field. And always happy eyes and an open smiling mouth to see me.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tomatoes, strawberries and bears..oh my!

Each summer instead of canning our tomatoes, we freeze them.
I have found that the secret to freezing tomatoes is to remove the seeds and leave the flesh with as little juice as possible. What's left behind is usually a few cups of pure tomato juice. Or as my son named it last year ....... Liquid Sunshine. A few shakes of salt and pepper and there is nothing that tastes more like a summer day.
I have spent the day trying to get this strawberry...
and this little bear to work together for a pincushion that I had flailing about in my mind. They both turned out just as I had pictured. It's the making them work together that is giving me a bit of a headache. It may take a day or two more to work out the final details, but it will give me plenty to think about while I am stitching on my flower garden pincushion. After Post: Sorry I should have mentioned that the bear was pirated from my craft supplies leftover from when my mother and I did craft shows decades ago. I changed the ribbon from a chocolate brown to a pink silk ribbon around her neck and added the button and bow to the top of her head to give her a bit of character after seeing a similar bear by Emily Farmer's Miniature Bear website. I used a pink batik, wool felt and a button for the strawberry. The strawberry is filled with emery sand from a leftover chicken pincushion project that ended up on the cutting room floor. But if you want to see what I have in mind for my next project it will be something bearish, go here and see if you can't find a friend or two! Charley Boy will soon be heading to my mailbox and maybe another bear or two for a surprise in Christmas stokcings!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Everything's coming up...

With the children camping out in the tent for the last two nights, I have been taking advantage of a quiet home and picked up the embroidery I am working on for the pincushion swap. After taking a quick glance at the calendar, it hit me that I am running out of days to get my pincushion completed for the swap that needs to be in the mail the first week of September. Ten years ago I stitched this same little pillow for the ring bearer to carry our wedding rings down the aisle to us. The embroidery kit for the pincushion was sent from Australia and arrived in my postbox in August, so I know that I couldn't have spent more than three or four weeks completing the embroidery. If you look closely you can see where I didn't quite finish stitching all the green french knots along this row of flowers. And it won't take a close look to see the McCrappy seam that I hand stitched in my room at the Bed & Breakfast we were staying at, because who thinks to take a sewing machine with them on the day of their wedding to finish anything! Silly me, I asked my husband to agree with me this evening when I said it shouldn't take long for me to finish the embroidery for the pincushion swap. And then he had to go and remind me that I spent part of the morning of our wedding finishing the outside flower border, horribly sewing the front and backing by hand and stuffing the pillow with lavender. Silly him...I haven't picked out his anniversary gift yet!

Friday, August 15, 2008

There are days that....

as a home schooling mom I question whether I am making good decisions regarding the lessons I choose to teach my children. Will I look back and have regrets, will they wish they had something different, will they be prepared as adults for the real world.....
And then there are days that we venture out into the real world and participate in activities with his peers. And then something like this happens and my doubts seem foolish and for a short while I can bask in knowing that he is learning the lessons we teach him and they are valuable and he is able to apply them to interests of his life other than education.
In the first week of hockey camps, my son was awarded a captain's C. The decision of which player to award the C to is based on the passion, work ethic, intensity, energy and character that the participant shows the previous day of camp. It is signified by the C on his jersey. My son earned his C for his first day at hockey camp. It sends a strong message to my head and heart that we are on the right path. Congratulations Doogie! Love, mom

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wash on Wednesday

There is just something about dolly laundry that makes me wish I was 6 again!
And if you are going to appoint yourself "Queen of All Things Clean" then you definitely need to find a crown to wear.
These days are so sweet, innocent and far too few. Why would anyone want their children to hurry and grow up?

Thursday, August 7, 2008

tempus fugit

I've been busy collecting the threads, silk ribbons and fabrics to make my own version of this embroidered sewing tidy. Lots and lots of French knots with a few bullion roses and a lazy daisy or two or three sprinkled in. I'm not sure that I will attach my finished cushion as shown in the photo, but instead am thinking about a sage green wool backing. Up early this morning to apply the color wash to the base fabric. The wrong side of the wash turned out with more color variation than the front and so have decided to stitch with the wrong side right. Heat set with a hot iron after the wash has dried and what a wonderful background it adds to the embroidery.
A secret must be kept while stitching so as not to spoil the surprise. But a wee hint to make you wonder if it will show up in your post the home where this pincushion will live the spoken language is ...... English. That should leave a few people wondering but only until summer has nearly ended.