Thursday, August 7, 2008

tempus fugit

I've been busy collecting the threads, silk ribbons and fabrics to make my own version of this embroidered sewing tidy. Lots and lots of French knots with a few bullion roses and a lazy daisy or two or three sprinkled in. I'm not sure that I will attach my finished cushion as shown in the photo, but instead am thinking about a sage green wool backing. Up early this morning to apply the color wash to the base fabric. The wrong side of the wash turned out with more color variation than the front and so have decided to stitch with the wrong side right. Heat set with a hot iron after the wash has dried and what a wonderful background it adds to the embroidery.
A secret must be kept while stitching so as not to spoil the surprise. But a wee hint to make you wonder if it will show up in your post the home where this pincushion will live the spoken language is ...... English. That should leave a few people wondering but only until summer has nearly ended.


Catherine said...

What an absolutely gorgeous piece that will be!!! Lucky, lucky recipient who gets that!
I love the picture in your header.

Linda said...

Oh my Christine, I think that's far too pretty and delicate to stick a pin in it. Just beautiful.

Judy said...

Oh my you could look at this piece for hours finding new things each minute! The lovely daisys and all those knots. French knots are something I never did well and have finally understood making just recently. Good luck with the piece and hope we get a few updates on the progress!

Marilyn R said...

Please show us your progress along the way with this little beauty! I agree with Linda, I too think it would be hard to stick a pin in this beauty!

eileen said...

I agree with the others, this will be too pretty to stick full of pins.

I am just arriving to your blog. I wish I would have been reading all along. Your last post about moving to new York.. are you going?

Will definitely be back :-)

Terry said...

This is going to be beautiful when you're done! Have a wonderful time working on it! :0)

Nadine said...

oh how beautiful this is going to be. I can't wait seeing it done :>)

BIG BEAR ((HUGS)) from Spain to you, my dear friend ! (miss you)


ozjane said...

This is truly beautiful. Makes me want to get back to more handwork.
Am doing a crazy quilt Christmas Stocking RR so that is getting my hand back in after a two year break.
I have sent you an email re a snail mail for a giveaway prize.