Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tomatoes, strawberries and bears..oh my!

Each summer instead of canning our tomatoes, we freeze them.
I have found that the secret to freezing tomatoes is to remove the seeds and leave the flesh with as little juice as possible. What's left behind is usually a few cups of pure tomato juice. Or as my son named it last year ....... Liquid Sunshine. A few shakes of salt and pepper and there is nothing that tastes more like a summer day.
I have spent the day trying to get this strawberry...
and this little bear to work together for a pincushion that I had flailing about in my mind. They both turned out just as I had pictured. It's the making them work together that is giving me a bit of a headache. It may take a day or two more to work out the final details, but it will give me plenty to think about while I am stitching on my flower garden pincushion. After Post: Sorry I should have mentioned that the bear was pirated from my craft supplies leftover from when my mother and I did craft shows decades ago. I changed the ribbon from a chocolate brown to a pink silk ribbon around her neck and added the button and bow to the top of her head to give her a bit of character after seeing a similar bear by Emily Farmer's Miniature Bear website. I used a pink batik, wool felt and a button for the strawberry. The strawberry is filled with emery sand from a leftover chicken pincushion project that ended up on the cutting room floor. But if you want to see what I have in mind for my next project it will be something bearish, go here and see if you can't find a friend or two! Charley Boy will soon be heading to my mailbox and maybe another bear or two for a surprise in Christmas stokcings!


Catherine said...

What a fabulous little project -- that bear and strawberry are a fabulous pincushion. You made the bear and the pincushion? How wonderful!
That tomato juice is the most glorious colour -- really does make one think of late summer and tomatoes ripening!

Nedra said...

They are so small and show such detail! Great job!

Chas said...

Oh that is so sweet!
We can tomato juice to use for soups... it is so thick it is almost like sauce.
Have a great day!

Judy said...

Very pretty!

My dad used to can tomatoes and one year he made 3 jars of this fabulous tomato juice! It was fabulous and gone way too fast. Even though he never cooked a day in his life he loved canning! beans, tomatoes and mostly making pickles!

Marilyn R said...

Such a cute "strawbeary" pincushion! Once upon a time I canned tomato juice and pickles too.

Marci said...

How adorable!!! I love them both.