Thursday, October 30, 2008

Why is tomorrow the best day to go out for dinner?

Assuming you live in the states, regardless of the restaurant, if you visit between the hours of 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. I can almost guarantee that you will not see a child, except perhaps my two children. Why? Tomorrow is October 31 and parents with children will be out going from house to house begging for candy, which means the restaurants will be empty! But as we are not a family that participates in this tradition, we have found that it is an absolutely wonderful night to go out to dinner. We have always had excellent service and have never had to wait for a table and the noise is reduced to an enjoyable level. We look forward to this night each fall. This year the children have chosen one of their favorite places, and the fact that it does not have golden arches or a drive thru makes my heart leap for joy. If the weather holds we may even be able to eat our bbq chicken wings outside. I've finished up a wool needle book that will soon be on it's way to Australia along with a sheep pincushion. All that is left is to find a box that's not too big and not too small. Where's an Amazon box when you need it! Another completed top for the Home of the Brave Quilt Project for an fallen soldier's family here in Ohio. The blocks in this top were sent to me by Carol. Her piecing skills are fantastic. It made stitching those setting triangles a breeze! And a surprise for my sweet friend in Belgium. I've been needing to finish up a few promised projects before I would allow myself to begin working on this stitching. After preparing the fabric yesternight, I realized that I am going to need every second of daylight that I can get to work on this stitching. Whoever thought that stitching over one thread of linen with one strand of cotton was a clever idea, couldn't possibly have had a house load of chores, small children to care for and a puppy soon to be underfoot. But the finished stitched items will be perfect for my friend and I want to be the one to give them to her.


Nadine said...

Now you're bringing tears to my eyes... and when counting my blessings, your name is never missing, my friend !

Oh you're going to have such a wonderful time all together, at the restautant ! We don't celebrate Halloween either : I never appreciated all that "business" implicated, nor those uggly, fearful things. However we celebrate fall, decorating our porch with pumpkins and fall bouquets, and we light candles in memory of our deceased beloved ones, as November 1st is All Saints Day, here.

BBH to you !

(the soldiers 9patch quilt top is fantastic :>)


Linda said...

We don't do that celebration either, goes against everything I believe. We had thought about a movie, but I suppose the only choices will be horror, so perhaps dinner out may be a good idea. Your needle book looks gorgeous, as does the quilt top. Refresh my memory on the size you wanted, now that I'm back on my feet I can put a few blocks together for you.

Milah said...

I love the wool hearts (wish I could figure out how to do that) and the Home Of The Brave quilt! Thanks for the suggestion on eating out on Halloween..That's a Good One!

Kathie said...

wow what lucky friends you have that you make them such nice presents. the needlebook is amazing, very pretty.
My children never liked Halloween and YES we have gone out to eat on Halloween too and your right it is a great night to go out to eat.

silversewer said...

Hallooween was not something we celebrated here in the UK until recent years. When we lived in our house it was a nightmare, youngsters who really should not have been out on their own knocking at the door. I am afraid we did not answer the door.

Its not a problem here, no-one can get in unless thay are let in, and no-one will.......

I love the heart needle case, you take such care over the things you make for friends, I know they are treasured. I have put a ribbon on my pincushion and its hung up, I just do not want to sick pins in it, its too nice.

I know it's hard for you to find time to stitch, but that makes the things you make so very precious to those of us lucky enough to recieve them.

Eileen said...

I love that nine patch on point.. so simple yet very lovely. I keep seeing this pattern popping up, and guess I need to make it.
Have a lovely evening!

Judy said...

Oh so much to talk about in your post!! Love the needle keepers, it's so fun to do all those lovely stitches isn't it and with beads it makes it even more special!

Yes Carol does wonderful stitching, I've been on the receiving end of it many times.

Those are tiny stitches on that linen but it will make the gift even more special! Can't wait to see it finished to see what it becomes.

**Lastly a question...those pin markers in your header picture??? Did you find them locally? I've looked for those for a while with no success. Can you share where you found them? I use them to mark areas I need to re-address when I goof up. Thanks!

Tracy said...

Thank you Christine, your gorgeous pin cushion and needlebook made it to Australia and arrived today. I love both of the gifts. I enjoyed your post re. not having unfinished projects and am inspired to cross off as many works in progress as possible before the end of 2008.