Monday, December 15, 2008

Things that begin with ...... M

... Mouse in the Nutcracker.
Daddy does better ballet hair than I do, so he spent two evenings with a room full of giggling mice and sugar plum fairies. I have absolutely no idea how to apply makeup and so I sold the experience to my husband "as a chance to do something that most father's would never have." Bless his heart!
Molly Molly Brown
Mom's Massive Mountain Maiden
More Molly And last but not least Moving to Wisconsin. Somewhere on this photo from space is the house we will find to call home.


Milah said...

Both of your girls are adorable!

Wisconsin??? What's up?

Nedra said...

So you decided on Wisconsin? How long until the move? And getting yourhusband to do ballet hair and make up is quite an accomplishment!

Carol said...

Cute, Cute girls!!!!!!!!! Wisconsin?????

Linda said...

What a wonderful daddy your kids have. I don't know of too many men who would enter the world of giggling girls. Oh my a move, how sad that you have to leave your beautiful farm, I hope you'll find a new home where wonderful memories can be made.

Lily Boot said...

What a lovely little mouse! And what a great dad :-) Moving to Wisconsin - ooh you could be living in a Little House in the Woods! How lovely for you. But leaving your beautiful farm?!?

Kritta22 said...

When are you moving? That's exciting!!
I love Molly!

silversewer said...

Christine, have I missed something????? moving to Wisconsin??????


Anonymous said...

I just had to leave a comment to tell you that I, too, have a beautiful puppy girl named Molly Brown - the unsinkable! What beautiful girls you have! Good luck with the move to Wisconsin.

nadine said...

Hellooooo, dear friend ! Just back from France, and what do I discover on my first "click"??? ---> Such a cuuuute little mouse (such a wonderful dad!), and lovely Miss Molly . Wonderful !
OK, now that the place is known, you can start planning and writing lists... don't worry, dear, you'll manage. My thoughts are with you ;>)


Beth said...

What a wonderful Dad - I have 2 boys and I don't believe my husband would even know where to start if we had a little girl! How lucky she is to have special memories with her Daddy! Cute little mouse!

I moved a year ago from Ohio to Vermont - it was rough on the boys and it was stressful, but now a year later we are doing well and finally settled in making friends. Good luck!


Jane said...

Miss Moggie says hello to the mouse.....thinks she is cute and to Miss Molly whose fur looks snuggly.

Catherine said...

What a great dad your husband is -- doing the make-up of a room full of gigglers must have been quite the experience! Looks like he did a great job.
Moving to Wisconsin? When?
And Molly looks just wonderful!

Anonymous said...

what a lovely mouse and what a giant dog!!! Hpoe the mouse enjoyed the nutcracker and a move for you all, how sad but exicting, a new adventuer for all,
Sue xxx

Judy said...

Well then Wisconsin is the better for having new neighbors. Sorry to see the farm go but hope you find the perfect place for your growing family.

Love those kids, even the furry ones! Merry Christmas friend!

Carolien said...

I love your M's and good luck with the last one as well!

Greetings, Carolien


wow ! wisc! I don't know where you live now, but prepare your self for some kind of winter! happy hoidays!