Saturday, January 12, 2008

3 Gifts Challenge

I am taking part in a challenge put forth by Rhonda on her blog at Down to Earth. It is time we all became more aware of the things we do that damage our environment. Her challenge specifically is "that you choose three items or actions you currently have in your life that are environmentally damaging and that you’ll modify them or give them up completely."

This is what I will do:

1.) PLASTIC BAGS: I will stop accepting plastic bags where I shop. From now on when I go out to the market, I will take my canvas bags and ask that the clerk fill those. I will recycle any remaining plastic bags that I have in my home.

2.)PAPER TOWELS AND PAPER NAPKINS: I will never buy another package of paper towels or paper napkins. Instead, I will recycle old towels and knit dishcloths and use them or the mop for messy floor cleanups. We already have a small supply of cloth napkins, but I will make a few more so that we don't have to buy paper ones. We actually started doing both of these things about three months ago and have done quite well.

3.)DRINKS IN PLASTIC BOTTLES: I will not buy any drinks in plastic bottles. Instead of buying soda to drink, I will start drinking tea and when I go out of the house I will remember to take something with me in one of my water bottles. Not only will I reduce the amount of plastic I use, but maybe I can lose a few pounds my not drinking sugary soda.

What can you do to take baby steps to make changes in your local world? Please tell your friends and family about the changes you are making and why and inspire them to take part in the challenge. Together we can make reduce the amount of waste in our local world.

If you would like to read more about Rhonda's challenge visit her here at Down to Earth