Thursday, January 31, 2008

Four Seasons QUilt Swap - Winter 2008

While trying to find something special to make for the partner I was matched with for the Four Seasons Quilt Swap for winter, I came across this picture on Nadine's blog. Perfect! LeMoyne stars are one of my favorite blocks and the color combination of blues, purples and whites make me think of tumbling snowflakes. The only problem is that I only know how to piece LeMoyne stars by hand. "Move on!" my head told me, "You don't have time to do this!"
"Grab your templates!" my heart cried out to me, "Your partner will love them!"And this time I listened to my.....

heart. And so over the Christmas season I sat by the fire place with my stitching in hand and pen and paper close by. Each time I finished a block, I wrote a few words to share the news with my partner and posted a photo of the finished block and the note I wrote on the sidebar of my blog. And so after posting a picture of one of the LeMoyne blocks that I was working on, I received a comment from Nadine and she said "Oh, how I LOVE your Lemoyne stars, and how I wish I could be their recipient!"

"They're yours!" I sent back in an email. "Nadine, my new friend, I want you to have them."
You see, back in December while blog hopping, I came across a quilt on Nadine's site that I just couldn't get out of my head. It is a crazy quilt embroidery kind of thing. So I emailed Nadine and asked if she would share the source of the pattern. I received an email back from Nadine who said she would send me the pattern along with some things to get started. Quilters are the most generous, sharing people I know. Giving her the LeMoyne stars was the perfect opportunity for me to repay Nadine for her generosity. So now the blocks are waiting to be sent off to her in Belgium. But she's not there. She is visiting one of her blog friends in Norway. I want to be sure that she has returned from her "Grand Adventure" before sending them out to her.

"Hmmm...." my head said,"Did you just give away all the blocks that you made to use in the winter quilt you are working on for the Four Seasons Quilt Swap?" "Yes!" my heart said..."Doesn't it feel good to return the favor and share with someone who offered to share with you?"

"MOVE ON!" my head shouted, "You've got less than three weeks to finish the quilt and send it out to your partner."And so pulling from the bits of wisdom and piffle I share on my blog,I came up with the following plan for the quilt I needed to make for the Four Seasons Winter Quilt Swap.
My head reminded me that "Genius lies in simplicity," while my heart said "Simple Gifts"

And so today, I will pack this quilt into a box and send it to a far off place to my quilt partner for the Four Seasons Quilt Swap. I pulled each of the fabrics that I used in piecing the LeMoyne star blocks. Just like snowflakes, no two blues are alike.

Nine Patch Doll Quilt Pattern

Scraps of lights and darks for 9 patch blocks
3/4 yards of blue print for setting blocks, backing and binding

Finished quilt top: 17 1/4" x 21 1/2"
Finished blocks are 3" squares

For 9 patch blocks:
60 1 1/2" dark colors
48 1 1/2" light colors

From blue print cut the following:
(2) 2.75" border strips
(2) 2.25" strips for binding
(6) 3.5" squares for setting blocks
(10) 5.5" squares for setting triangles
cut these squares in half diagonally TWICE
(4) 3" squares for corner triangles
cut these squares in half diagonally ONCE

Stitch (12) Nine-Patch blocks with five darks and four light squares.
Make sure that these blocks measure 3.5 inches when you have finished piecing them.

For placement, lay out the 12 Nine-Patch blocks, the 6 blue print blocks, and the 10 blue print triangles in diagonal rows.

Sew the diagonal rows together and then join the rows.

Be mindful when pressing to be certain that all your seams go in one direction.

The four blue print triangles can be sewn to the corners to finish off.

Measure the length of the quilt and cut 2 vertical borders and attach to sides of quilt.

Measure the width of the quilt after attaching vertical borders, sew to top and bottom of quilt.

Mark and quilt as desired.

Attach binding and label.