Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Don't put off til tomorow, what you can quilt today...

I've always planned on making my dad a quilt, but some how it keeps getting moved further down on my "Quilts to Do" list. Last week, while I was organizing my sewing room, I came across a pattern that I have been saving for about seven years. The pages were torn out of Quilter's Newsletter Magazine from the March 2001 issue.

I chose this quilt because of the Ohio Star block. Ohio is the state were both my dad and I were born. My dad grew up in Ohio, but moved his young family east with his jobs. When I think of Ohio,it reminds me of my family and the long car trips we made in the back of a blue woody station wagon to spend time cousins on their farm in the summer.

I like to barter. It is something that comes in handy when living on a farm. I am also finding out that it can come in handy if you are looking for scraps of fabric. I have struck up a barter with another blogger and will be busy knitting dishcloths for the scraps she will be sending me to piece into my dad's quilt. I want it to look scrappy and not planned. Using lots of different fabrics will be the best way to achieve this. I will work the star blocks as I come across the fabrics. There are 152 (3.75")stars and I am hoping to have each star be a different fabric. I can't wait to start going through my fabrics to see which ones I want to use.

Because I will want to finish this quilt quickly I will machine piece the top. After I finish the top I will decide whether I have enough time to hand quilt the top in time to give it to my dad for Christmas.