Friday, February 22, 2008

Once upon a time....

there was a little girl who was thought to be tucked ever so sweetly in her bed for a nap. Or so her silly old mother thought. Ever so quietly this sweet child snuck out of her room and slipped into her mother's quilting cave where she found her mother's large dress maker's shears and a pair of embroidery scissors. As quiet as a mouse, the little princess crept back to her bedroom and began snipping off pieces of her beautiful shoulder length, just finally long enough to put into the sweetest little brown braids. Because she is right handed she only trimmed what she could reach on the left side of her head. Then she moved onto her bangs where she grabbed a generous handful and with the scissors as close to her scalp as she could get them she whacked away a handful right out of the middle of her head...the end, well almost.

This photo was taken 3 months after the princess had her first appointment with a hair stylist. The bangs had barely grown and the sides had grown just enough to cover her ears.

Pleased with what she had accomplished she decided that the cat's whiskers would look better if they were trimmed a bit more even with his fur. So not only did she cut off all of the cats whiskers on the left side of his head, she cut off the whiskers of the right side of his head as well. It wasn't the mother who discover the mischief the little princess had entertained herself with during nap time. It was her darling brother who found his mother laboring away over the stove and said these words ever so calmly..."Mom, it's not good. You're not going to be happy."

The above story took place three years ago and since then I have been searching for a small pair of snips that I could keep in my pocket. I haven't found anything that wouldn't stab me in the leg...until now. I found the perfect thing for my hand piecing. Something that I am already accustomed to slipping into my pocket when I am finished using it...a knife. But not just any knife...AN EMBROIDERY KNIFE!

It has a small pair of scissors and a little blade. That's it! No bottle opener, no fish gut hook, no little tooth pick or tweezers to get lost. I've received approval from the farm's CFO and was given the approval of the purchase. Of course I ran to the computer, punched in all the magic numbers and told them where to ship my new sewing tool. And now I wait for the box from France with my embroidery knife. When it gets here it will go straight into my pocket only to see the light of day when I know the little princess isn't looking.