Monday, March 3, 2008

Mud, mud and more mud on the way...

After living in our house for one year now, I only have this one question for the person who built the house ....

"Just what were you thinking when you put light colored carpeting in a farm house!?"

Now that the snow has melted we have officially begun the season that I hate most...MUD!

I don't think of things in terms of winter, spring and summer. I think of it as Snow, Mud and Hot.

So if my swap partner for the Four Season Quilt Swap has come to visit me...please make my spring quilt in green, white and brown, with a dash of blue
for the bits of sky that I can see through the clouds.

These are the Civil War Diary Quilt blocks that I have been working on when I am not busy trying to clean muddy paw prints from the carpet! I am still piecing each block by hand. There are some blocks with small pieces that I may modify to make the stitching a bit easier. I have two toddler quilts that I have been asked to make, so I'll be working on those this week.

Rachel's Frustration

Bitter Enemy


Oath of Allegiance

Special Blessings