Friday, March 7, 2008

What do this frog and I possibly have in common?

We both sing the same song....Rip it! Rip it! Rip it!

I have spent a good part of the afternoon ripping out 102 inches of stitching that I goofed up on when I sat down to sew while the children were eating lunch. My first borders went on fine two days ago when I finally found the courage to cut the stripe fabric that I wanted to use. Two days later I forgot that I need to sew with the stripe fabric on the top so that I can follow the faint line on the wrong side of the fabric in order to leave a uniform amount of pattern along the edge.

I think this will be the quilt that goes into the quilt frame during our school break. The quilt is for my son's room and all that needs to be done is to finish piecing the rows and decide on the final border. I may be back with photos of a finished quilt next week. The 9 patch blocks were pieced by hand during my sons 2006-2007 hockey season. This season the rink we practiced at was too cold to do any type of handwork except rubbing them together quickly to keep the feeling in them so that I could untie his skates after freezing for an hour.

Have you ever used one of these little sewing birds? I don't know the proper name but he is used to hold the edge of your fabric while you work. Today was the first time I put him to use while ripping out the borders. He came in very handy!

While I was blog hopping, I came across photos of quilter's pincushions. This is my sad chicken pincushion. It's the one I use ALL the time. My son picked it out when we were out at a quilt shop one day. He said it was exactly me. I'm not sure what he meant, maybe because we have brown chickens? Then our puppy got hold of it and ran under a bed with it where she chewed and chewed until we were finally able to get it out of her mouth. There's hardly anything left of the beak except a thin yellow strand of felt. The eyes are all wibbly woobly and threaten to fall off. I will only replace my little chicken should my son ever pick another out that is "exactly me."

This is one of my favorite pincushions. He was a Christmas gift a few years back.
I don't know if he is old, but he is very heavy.

This bear makes my day. He was also a Christmas gift one year. I knew something about him at one time...something about Black Woods...Bavaria... ???
He holds a thimble. It came with him in the box just as he is holding it, so I am guessing that it may have been his original use. I put my tube of quilting needles inside the thimble so I don't spill them out on the floor. Bare feet in a quilter's home...BE WARNED!
Slippers or shoes are highly recommended.

While the hockey team was on the road to Indianapolis last week, I stayed home and pieced a quilt that my mother asked me to make for her friend's granddaughter. I was able to use fabrics I had in my stash, because my mother used to have a doll business and she ordered fabric by the bolt. Now that she is no longer making dolls, she decided that I should have all of her fabric. Very generous, but I now think I have enough fabric to see me into my 60's! I am tempted to send the quilt top out for quilting as I just don't have time to fuss with it, because.....

I hand pieced my first Dear Jane block, but now I am thinking that I may need to wait to really get going on this until after I finish the Civil War Diary Quilt. There is just too much prep time that goes into hand piecing. I am busy working on a quilt for my father for Christmas and I need to get busy, busy, busy with that one before we start back to lessons in July.

Snow Boots!
After romping in the mud for hours on Monday, my children took their boots off outside and left them on the front porch. Now on Friday we find ourselves in the midst of a winter storm. They are predicting 8-10", but I don't believe it until I have to drive the tractor through it to plow our lane. The hockey team is traveling again and I have plans to cut, stitch and quilt for the next 48 hours. I'm just worried that I may not have enough thread to do all the sewing I have planned. The next time I run to town for "snow food" I need to make sure I add thread and a new rotary blade to the list of must haves!