Sunday, March 9, 2008

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care....

with hopes that Spring soon would be there....Wait a minute...that's not how the story goes.....
You're right...but after a breaking a 98 year snow fall record here in Ohio, I've decided that I can do a little tweaking to make the story fit. My little family is away from home at a hockey tournament (go team, go!) and I have survived the Blizzard of '08. The last snow fall total that I heard was about 20 inches. That's all fine to watch from inside, but when you have to go out twice a day to feed and water the animals it can be difficult getting around in ...

which is why I am so thankful that when the movers lost(stole) our skiis and snowshoes four years ago, they didn't bother (stealing) this ancient pair that aren't really ancient at all. Some of the drifts are three feet high in places and having the snowshoes has made chores much easier.

Here's a second story window that faces west with snow that drifted from the over hang.

I'm not sure what is holding this snow onto the gutters. I've thought about knocking it down so that when it starts to melt and refreeze that the ice doesn't tear off the gutter under the weight.

This is the barn with snow piled up on the little over hang. You can't tell from the picture but some of the drifts are 2 to 3 feet deep in places.

Here's the front of our hen house. From the porch to the ground it is about a foot. It was difficult finding where the porch starts and stops.

This is around the side of the hen house. The snow blew a drift around the side and the front of the building. I was really surprised that the break of pines trees didn't keep the drifting down around this little building.

The chickens have been locked up for two days inside the hen house. They would disappear in the snow if I tried to let them out. Plus when I tried to open the run gate there was so much snow it wouldn't budge. The diagonal board in the picture is the walk that the chickens use to get in and out of the building. It has at least a foot of snow on it. This ought to be a muddy mess when the snow melts...ah, the joy of farm fresh eggs...pphhft! I am so over that. Maybe the predator that killed one of my favorite chickens last week is snowed in his hole somewhere and can't get out. And maybe the skunk that sprayed our dog week is trapped in a snowbank and can't get out...
too bad, so sad!

One of our old chairs that sits out in a field.

How our farm lane gets plowed. I need to do something special to thank the farmer who came without asking and plowed the driveway while my husband was away. Now I can get out to the quilt shop if I run out of thread...shoot, they're closed on Sunday.

I have spent more time on my snowshoes in the last two days than I have at my sewing machine, so I think I will go and sew and watch the snow melt and wait to hear if the boys win the hockey tournament this evening ( go team, go!)