Saturday, March 22, 2008

Wild make my heart sing!

I think I love you!

I came across this quilt on this blog a couple of weeks ago when hopping around to see what other quilters were working on for their Four Season Quilt Swap - Spring quilt. I am smitten. This quilt is sooo not me, and yet it makes my heart sing each time I see the picture.
I have been going back to the blog every couple of days to look at the photo and see if my heart still lept at the sight of it....and it does.

So, knowing that it is the real know the "L Word," I decided that it was worth canceling my trip to the quilt show in Chicago in two weeks. There is none other that I want more than out clause) We will be kept apart no longer, because I could hold back my true feelings for you no longer...Baby! You're MINE, I love you!

Oh, and if you want one too, then go here to this fabulous little shop where I fell in love with mine. I bet they have one that you can fall in love with too!