Thursday, July 10, 2008

What was her inspiration?

While shopping at a quilt shop in Lancaster County, I came across this book and feel in love with many of the quilts. But one quilt in particular has me opening and reopening the book
for another look.

I remember seeing the quilt for the first time and wondering,
"What made her put those colors together?"

The more I've looked at the quilt the more it has grown on me, to the point that I have begun setting aside bits and pieces of similar colors.
Not to copy, but to reproduce in my time, with my hands.

But the one question that still haunts me is the first one I had," What made her put those colors together?" And then I started to think about the quilt maker and what her life would have been like in the mid to late 1800's when the quilt was made. What was her inspiration....? It didn't come from a quilting magazine, a color photograph, or a fabric line where all the fabrics coordinated. More simply, she would have been inspired by the world around her. Most likely her garden. And so I went to my garden to see if I could find her quilt in my garden.

Rows of holly hocks against a wall...

A flash of yellow and red...

A bright pink and spalsh of yellow...

or maybe her little girl

stood near the flowers one day and she was able to capture the moment in a quilt.