Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What I heard from a little bird....

Last summer while at a quilt show in Ohio I took a scrap quilt class from Jeana Kimball. Wanting to capture a bit of the inspiration that had blossomed while in her class, I went home and began pulling browns, double pinks and muslins from my stash. I wanted a quilt that looked like it may have been made many years ago, so I aged the muslin and double pink to soften the look
of the quilt. What I walked away from the sewing machine with three days later was a set of 42 smallish blocks each of a different brown and aged muslin. With a deadline to enter the quilt for judging looming over me I had to hire a machine quilter and skip the hand quilting that I had planned to do.

Today I received word that my quilt is now making it's way back
home from the Fons & Porter office in Iowa. The best part of the news is
that along with the quilt will be a contract for me to sign and return for their
use of my quilt in an upcoming special issue that will hit the stores on December 1.