Sunday, August 17, 2008

Everything's coming up...

With the children camping out in the tent for the last two nights, I have been taking advantage of a quiet home and picked up the embroidery I am working on for the pincushion swap. After taking a quick glance at the calendar, it hit me that I am running out of days to get my pincushion completed for the swap that needs to be in the mail the first week of September. Ten years ago I stitched this same little pillow for the ring bearer to carry our wedding rings down the aisle to us. The embroidery kit for the pincushion was sent from Australia and arrived in my postbox in August, so I know that I couldn't have spent more than three or four weeks completing the embroidery. If you look closely you can see where I didn't quite finish stitching all the green french knots along this row of flowers. And it won't take a close look to see the McCrappy seam that I hand stitched in my room at the Bed & Breakfast we were staying at, because who thinks to take a sewing machine with them on the day of their wedding to finish anything! Silly me, I asked my husband to agree with me this evening when I said it shouldn't take long for me to finish the embroidery for the pincushion swap. And then he had to go and remind me that I spent part of the morning of our wedding finishing the outside flower border, horribly sewing the front and backing by hand and stuffing the pillow with lavender. Silly him...I haven't picked out his anniversary gift yet!