Monday, August 25, 2008

Old dogs can.....

and should learn new tricks!
I don't remember how I found myself on the this blog, but I bookmarked it after my first visit and stopped by occasionally. The blog gives updates about knitters and crocheters that take time away from their other projects to work on cotton bandages that will be donated to villages where people have been diagnosed with Hansen's Disease. Honestly I wasn't even aware that there was a single case remaining in the world. Having not heard of any recent cases it was easy to assume that it must have been cured. My assumptions were wrong! There are many villages in Viet Nam and India that still have cases of Hansen's Disease and need bandages that can be washed and reused. The knitted and crocheted bandages withstand wear and tear better than standard gauze bandages.
Having a very sore finger from quilting and embroidery I decided that I was in need of a change. And so I visited the blog again and decided that I had a few spare minutes to help while the puncture wound on my under finger healed. Of course I had nothing like the cotton these bandages require, so on Friday we jumped into the little car and drove into the big city to find the cotton that these bandages require, because just like what happens in quilting, you never have what you need in your stash. Now here's the part where it gets tricky...I am a knitter! On numerous attempts I have tried to chain a few stitches and have a go at crocheting only to throw both the ball of cotton and crochet hook in the trash. Somewhere buried deep by now in the local landfill must be at least five or six crochet hooks and balls of cotton. So what was a crochet hook doing in my basket at the craft store? Well I thought I would give crocheting one more try as I am now in more forties and much wiser than I was before, or at least I like to pretend in front of my children that I have the wisdom of an owl. So into the basket went size D, size E and size F crochet hooks along with a book that promised to teach me crochet in just one day. Surely must have been written by the Eleanor Burns of the crochet world! (Queen Ann's Lace has always reminded me of crochet doilies) But the title didn't lie, because by the end of the first lesson something clicked and I realized that I was getting it. Maybe it's true that old dogs CAN learn new tricks! Now, I won't be knitting granny square afghans for anyone for Christmas, but I do have my eye on this little number over at Purl Bee. And who knows, maybe if I keep practicing my crochet stitches ,and stop throwing the hooks away someone just might get a granny square afghan for their birthday!