Sunday, August 31, 2008

Alone She Sits

Alone She Sits Alone she sits beside her window, awaiting time to fill her days ~ with golden thoughts that she remembers, drifting as she waits away. Thoughts they pass through moments lonely to bring a shadow of the past ~ on wings of older day's remembrance treasured now in sweet repast. Alone she sits beside her window, blind to the world but not in sight ~ as deep within her heart now weakens while waiting long through night and light. Awaiting for an ashened ember to light her spirit just once more ~ and feel rekindled joy awaken 'ere earthly closing of time's door. Alone she sits beside her window, while dreaming of love's evermore ~ unaware with mind's shadow her love has passed this way before. Lost in life's now faded essence, a single tear now falls for same. How bitter is the salted teardrop ~ as lonely now calls out her name. Alone she sits beside her window, folded hands now cross her chest. Yet underneath there lies the image ~ in picture pressed against frail chest. As light turns night in pale-lit sunset, a smile of memory will burn. Eyes now face a last horizon~ as vision shows her love's return. Alone she sits beside her window, sated now as love's reborn. Lasting moments in its passing while there ~ her heart will never mourn.
Hazelmarie Elliot