Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Busy as a bee.....

While our boys were busy both North and South of the Mason-Dixon Line, girlie and I were busy working on this small flock of woolly pincushions. A great jump on Christmas gifts and a few extra for the start of an Etsy shop. I hope to get the shop set up after we come back from our trip to Michigan.
My mother and I used to sell items at craft shows and I miss working on batches of craftiness. A ewe similar to this one is lost somewhere between here and Australia. A second package has been shipped and I am keeping my fingers crossed that the second package arrives quickly and safely. I had two international packages lost earlier this year, but many months later both packages safely arrived. There's always one who stands out in the crowd. I am beginning to think that somewhere in time I have angered the pincushion swap fairies! First I forgot to mark the stitching lines for the embroidery before painting the background wash. Then I was having difficulty with the embroidery on the pincushion as the background wash was painted too thickly. The entire first pincushion was scrubbed and I had to start anew. Sometimes moving backwards helps you move forward! After restitching all of the bullion roses and ready to move on with the silk ribbon rose clusters, the pink silk ribbon that I had on hand wasn't quite the right color and an order for a better choice was placed and sent from The Shibori Dragon. This was the first time I had placed an order with them and would highly recommend their store to others. With the bullions restitched and the silk rose clusters added the center garden will finish out quickly with lots of French knot flowers and leaves. I forgot how quickly the open areas fill once you add the French knots. I can almost smell the coffee now for a couple of late night stitching sessions. I better check the fridge and make sure that I have plenty of cream and maybe a brownie or two to see me through. I am participating in Rhonda's pincushion swap at Down To Earth and the swap also includes a needle book. This little house has been on my mind to work up for some time. It is one of my favorites from the book "Linen Heirlooms: Vintage Linens." The directions throughout the book are a bit vague and I have had to do a bit of guessing how the original house was constructed. Leftover scraps have already been set aside to make another little cottage for a Christmas gift. It should be just the right size to tuck away in a Christmas card. A little more blanket stitch around the edge of the roof and I will be able to set the house into the box with a few other surprises. And a 48" cotton crochet bandage that will be slipped into a box and sent on it's way to wait with others that have been knitted or crocheted. Eventually they will be sent overseas where they are needed. A new bandage has already been started and will be a great project for the car trip. Now I have to decide which other projects to take with me for a week of quiet time in a cabin away from the chores of a farm, school or work. I have a feeling it will be a little bit of this and a little bit of that and a project or two for a "Pay It Ahead" that I owe. No idea where there is a market close to the cabin we are going to...but have already called ahead and know that there are two quilt shops just minutes away in case I run out of projects.