Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Stitching Hare I Am Not!

When it comes to stitching ... I am a tortoise not a hare.
I enjoy the process of stitching and find it difficult to hurry my work. There is something about a slow repetitive motion of my hands that soothes my soul. I thought I would snap a few more pictures of the embroidery pincushion that I am making for Anne for the Down to Earth pincushion swap. The center rose garden.
The corner larkspur garden. The corner lavender garden.
The corner Foxglove garden, which is almost finished. Just a few more French knots to fill in the background and I can move on to the last corner garden.
The last corner garden waiting to be stitched is a daisy garden. I have saved the least difficult garden to stitch for last, leaving only the tiny border of French knot leaves to be stitched. I am hoping to be onto stuffing the pincushion later this weekend and heading into the village to send off the package. Anne has been very patient waiting for her pincushion and I hope she is pleased. Once the package is one it's way I will be getting back to quilt in my frame. I am behind on where I would have like to been on the quilting, but may still be able to catch up and get it to the auction in October. My thimble, needle and thread patiently wait.