Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hand Quilting ... a penny per yard of thread

Sorry to have gotten your hopes up! This group of women were part of the Moravian sewing circle. They would hand quilt for anyone at one cent a yard of thread and donate the money to the church. They were from Lititz, Pennsylvania. The woman sitting alone at the far end of the frame was the oldest member of the group and was still quilting at 93. There are so many questions I would love to have answered about the women in this photograph:
The clock on the back wall shows 4:45 and it made me wonder what they were doing quilting so late into the afternoon and what would they be preparing for dinner after having spent all day out at a quilting frolic? What color are the fabrics in the quilt that they are working on? What quilting pattern are they quilting? Who was the quilt in the frame for and what ever became of it? What are the women sitting at the window working on? Where was the photo taken? In one of the quilter's homes? Do I see an arm chair in the far back right corner of the room? I want to know their names and where they lived and about the families they raised and the lives they lived. I want to know their stories, their recipes, their quilting advice, their advice on raising a family, how to darn a sock, how to pinch a penny, how to save for a rainy day.
The photograph was taken in November of 1942 by Marjory Collins.