Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Mother's Book....and a finished sock.

With the children settled on the couch with reading of their own, I pulled a book from my shelf and began reading .... when soon I stumbled across a few lines that caused me to stop and ponder on the lessons I teach when I don't finish what I have begun and the custom of having half a dozen things on hand at once.
"Making patchwork is likewise a quiet amusement; and if a child be taught to fit it herself, it may be made really useful. If the corners are not fitted exactly, or sewing done neatly, it should be taken to pieces and fitted again; for it is by inattention to these little things that habits of carelessness are formed. On no occasion whatever should a child be excused from finishing what she has begun. The custom of having half a dozen things on hand at once, should not be tolerated. Everything should be finished, and well finished. It ought to be considered a disgrace to give up anything, after it is once undertaken. Habits of perseverance are of incalculable importance; and a parent should earnestly improve the most trifling opportunities of impressing this truth." The Mother's Book by Mrs. Child 1831 I threw down my book and hurried off to my knitting basket... because what a disgrace to stop knitting one toe shy of a new pair of socks?