Sunday, December 28, 2008

A few things I'd rather do instead of packing

Even though a full pack by the movers is part of the offer my husband accepted from his new employer, I have been through enough company relocations to know... I don't like the way they pack. So hubby brought home boxes to get me started. Only 20!! Sorry guy...I need about 120 more! I've also learned from listing our homes for sale that the more I have packed away from little hands, the less my hands have to clean up. In Sarah's short seven years, we have moved 4 times.... I love you Sarah, but you room has been packed today, I just don't have time to clean your room morning, noon and night. Your babies can stay on your bed, But be warned...I have a box with their name on it! In between packing and trips to the trash, I have been sneaking peeks at the listings the realtor sent us to look over. Though I haven't seen this cabin in person....on paper it is my absolute favorite and would be perfect for our family. Who wouldn't love a pre-Civil War log cabin tucked in the woods! And just in case the log cabin should sell or for some reason not suit us, then I have found this 100 year plus stone farm house with a huge red barn. I could easily call either one HOME. Now if we can just find a weekend that Dougs isn't playing hockey. Wait ....let me check my calendar....MARCH 1st. I don't know that I can wait that long! Hopefully hubby will like one of these properties when he heads up next week. To help me pass the time spent waiting for our move to Wisconsin, I started a smallish cross stitch project that can quickly be cleaned away. These two pieces are for a scissor sheath. I have finished the back and am nearly done stitching the piece with the "C" for the front. The set has charts for the scissor sheath, a needle book and a sewing case. Hopefully it will be enough to keep me busy. If not, I have another stitching kit that could keep me busy for a very long time. I'm starting to wonder if maybe I'm not spending enough time packing?