Thursday, January 29, 2009

Are You Superstitious?

If we leave the house and then have to go back inside after having locked the door....
then once I go back in for what I need, I have to sit on a step and wait for a moment before leaving the house again. I can remember having done this since I was a very, young child. And if more than one person went back into the house......we all had to sit on the steps for Good Luck.
If I spill salt....then I have to throw some over my shoulder for Good Luck....I'm not sure which shoulder is the lucky one, so I toss some over both just to be kidding! But this is one... that I'm not too happy about.... The children found this bird flying around in the house when I ran down the lane for the mail this afternoon. They trapped it in girlie's room and I was able to catch it with our butterfly net on the first try. Some people who are superstitious say that a bird that flies into the house means that there will be a death in the house within the year. Others that are superstitious believe that a bird that flies into the house, foretells an important message. I'll listen closely for the message, while I pray that the first one is just an old wives tale. Leave me a comment and let me know if there are old wives tales or superstitious that are woven through your days.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I'll Match Your Donation x's TEN!

There is a very sweet, young lady at this blog collecting 9 patches for a worthy cause and I am hoping that you might spare a few minutes out of your month to help her out.
Nothing fancy...
use what you have in your scrap basket or stash,
a light and a dark... or make the entire block scrappy...
I began cutting and sewing strips this afternoon and hope to get them in the mail tomorrow, but you have until the 14th of February to get them to her. I know what your thinking...your busy, have too many projects started, have lots of other things you need to do... believe me SISTER, I hear you...BUSY is my middle name, but we can't have this young lady checking her mailbox hoping to find mail only to be left disheartened by an empty box... Sooooooo...I challenge you with this... for each comment that you leave on this post promising to make even ONE 9 patch to send to her.... I will make TEN blocks to match your donation of ONE block. (It's quite alright if you make more than one) I triple dog dare you!

HiHo! Cherry-O

When I see these little cherry berries...
I can't help but think of a childhood favorite game... HiHo! Cherry-O
We are ice bound this morning and during a quick trip outside I discovered this not so jolly holly....
With nowhere to be today, surely I can get this wee quilt finished before lunch.
I found a free chart on a blog I recently discovered ....and have been playing with threads and colors.
Someday when I can find the time, I think I'd like to take a photography class. The sun is rarely shines during the winter in Ohio and so I've moved the pencils in their matching colored buckets to the windows to brighten our days.
A label for a package that will make it's way across the pond. Inside, books and templates, some fabrics and wool and whatever else I can squeeze in before taping the box shut. Once the ice melts, I will take the parcel to the post and send you an email letting you know that it is on it's way.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

and then there were none....

the goats are gone...even the little babies that we've been bottle feeding for the last week. While joking around on a phone call for a snow removal estimate on Friday, I mentioned that I was moving and could only leave for Wisconsin after I sold my goats.....
The woman on the phone told me that her husband, the owner of the company, loves animals and would probably want them...and after plowing the farm lane to get to the barn to see the goats and a quick trip into the house to bottle feed the babies... he came back three days later to take them home in the back of one of his work trucks. HURRAY FOR JAKE!!!!!!!!! OUR FAMILY THANKS YOU FOR GIVING OUR ANIMALS A NEW FARM TO CALL HOME Now we bide our time waiting for my son's hockey season playoffs on February 21 and the finals if they make it on February 28th....after that we will be heading North just as soon as we can make arrangements to have out things packed and moved to the cabin. We are hoping that we can make it up to Wisconsin before all the snow melts so that we can do a bit of snowshoeing on the Ice Age Trail

Monday, January 19, 2009

2 +2 = 4

a simple 4 block baby quilt off to NY just as soon as the binding is done...
bold colors for stitching a PIF... keeping my fingers crossed that my idea for it will come together...
Molly Brown...crossing the 50 pound mark...on our way to HUGE! and B-I-N-G-O there are days I forget that she's not Kate...sigh...

Thursday, January 15, 2009

In Contract...Yippeee!!!!!!

Yesterday our offer on the log cabin was accepted....
Hurray....and I never had to leave home. Thanks honey, for making the trips up to Wisconsin to find a new home for our family.
A nice covered porch for stitching and reading
I fell in love with the kitchen when I saw the photos. I have always wanted a gas stove top. I can't wait to do lots of canning this summer.
A pretty space for my bed....
and at the foot of it... a wood burning stove....
and lots of shelves for all of our books.
My new sewing room. How much easier it will be to find a lost needle or pin on hardwood floor. Goodbye carpet...I won't miss you!
And did I mention that there is an authentic Sioux tipi in the backyard?
It stays with the house! We are counting the days to closing and keeping our fingers crossed that all goes smoothly.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

a boy and his goat

steadier legs on day 2
empty tummies quickly lead to empty bottles
and lots of smiles and cuddles
a bit of nuzzling
rosy cheeks and a twinkle in his eye after hours out in the snow

no school, no packing, no stitching, but....

lots of cuddling
lots of feeding and bottle cleaning lots of smiles and back scratching this littler goat is just as calm as can be

2 a.m. bottle feedings......

no kidding....
so exactly how do I explain to the realtor who is coming to list our home for sale this week that I keep my kids in the bathroom?!
lucky was twins Kids For Sale delivery available no kidding!

Monday, January 5, 2009

a token of frienship

I love to stitch or make small gifts to give to my friends. Some friends are near enough to deliver the gift in person and other friends live too far away to allow such a luxury. It is for those far away friends that I have to pack a box full of surprises and trust with all my heart that when I mail it off, it will reach that special someone so far away. The waiting makes me crazy! Today I received word that one of my packages to a dear friend, oh so far away, has reached her safe and sound, and my heart worries no more. Tucked inside the box was this turtle needle book that I stitched from this pattern.
When I came across the pattern last Spring, I knew just which friend it was meant for.
Beads and hedebo loops allow the top shell to be removed,
and tacked inside is a bit of wool to slip needles through.
The designer cleverly included spaces to stitch initials.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

to make an end is to make a beginning..... be nibbled slowly for children recovering from a belly bug...
SO hoping that I can weather this storm without becoming a cracker nibbler! go fish and old maid helped to pass the hours...for some of us. And with children feeling crummy enough to stay in bed all day, spare moments offered a chance to be with needle and thread. A peek of the things in my work basket that I have been adding to slowly over time, while tucked in a corner where I can see it with the hopes and wishes of making the first few tentative stitches and beginning the journey it will lead me on. There are days that I have longed to rush in with wild abandon and have it begun but I know that I still have things to learn before I can make a start. And a wee bit of bright yarn ... still wondering whether it is just the touch it will need at the end, but remembering how it made my heart sing when I found the lone ball on the shelf just waiting to be made into a something for someone. And simple thoughts about the new year that lies ahead... For last year's words belong to last year's language. And next year's words await another voice. And to make an end is to make a beginning. T.S. Eliot