Thursday, January 29, 2009

Are You Superstitious?

If we leave the house and then have to go back inside after having locked the door....
then once I go back in for what I need, I have to sit on a step and wait for a moment before leaving the house again. I can remember having done this since I was a very, young child. And if more than one person went back into the house......we all had to sit on the steps for Good Luck.
If I spill salt....then I have to throw some over my shoulder for Good Luck....I'm not sure which shoulder is the lucky one, so I toss some over both just to be kidding! But this is one... that I'm not too happy about.... The children found this bird flying around in the house when I ran down the lane for the mail this afternoon. They trapped it in girlie's room and I was able to catch it with our butterfly net on the first try. Some people who are superstitious say that a bird that flies into the house means that there will be a death in the house within the year. Others that are superstitious believe that a bird that flies into the house, foretells an important message. I'll listen closely for the message, while I pray that the first one is just an old wives tale. Leave me a comment and let me know if there are old wives tales or superstitious that are woven through your days.


Loralynn said...

I heard that the bird has to be a black bird, or crow. Other birds are supposed to be good luck!

Kritta22 said...

I'm not superstitious from what I can remember. I think I do things for fun, not because I believe them. Like holding your breath through a tunnel or lifting your feet over railroad tracks.

Anonymous said...

Here in SW Ohio, I've always heard that if a black cat crosses in front of your car you should make an "x" on the windshield with your finger and spit out the window to avoid bad luck.


Catherine said...

My mother had a lot of superstitions, some of which I seem to have picked up -- including the salt over the shoulder (and, like you, I do both shoulders as I can't remember which it is either). That one and the touching wood if one says something about things that you hope is true -- for example, if I say Lester seems to be doing fine, I immediately knock on wood -- are the ones of which I'm most aware. The other superstition that I'm very conscious of is that bad things come in threes.
I know my aunt and mother made a conscious decision to try to NOT pass on the superstitions they learned from their mother.

Eva said...

Such a cute treecreeper! I am always happy to see birds closely. I'm just sorry if they panic and hit the window pane. A wren regularly searches my balcony for insects. I wouldn't even mind a crow coming in, I just fear that such a big bird would cause devastation in its panic. -- What I heard was that when crows gather in great number on the roof of a house, it is a prophecy of death. I heard from a friend when she was very ill that this happened. She was close to death, but recovered. Maybe crows have a sense for it. But if a single crow gets caught, I'd rather think she is bored with picking out our wastebins as they usually do.

Nadine said...

I'm not superstitious. My grandmother used to be, and there are many superstitions here in Belgium, for instance :
-don't walk under a ladder,it brings bad luck,
-night spider = hope, morning spider=sorrow,
-black cat on a roof = problems in that house
- Friday 13th (any month) : don't decide anything, or go anywhere!
- 4 petals trefle in your garden : big luck!
- when cooking pancakes, keep a piece of money in your left hand. They'll be delicious.
- if you're being served the last drop from a bottle, you'll get a son within the coming year.
- never finish the dough without signing yourself + the dough, or it won't rise.
- never make any dough (or mayonnaise) when having your periods, or it won't rise.
- First teller, first liar.

Some are more religious :
- when you lose something, say a prayer to Saint Antonio, you'll find it back in minutes.
- Santa Rita solves all desperate cases.
- Beware what you say when the rooster sings! (ref. Saint Peter)
- don't grin when the church bells are ringing, or you'll stay like that for ever!

etc, etc....... ;>)

BIG BEAR (((HUGS)), sweetie!


materialgirl said...

I believe your birdie is a Carolina Wren and I'm sure she will bring you good luck.

jenny said...

well i had things happen both ways with this one i had some one die after a bird got in to my house but well i also had a back crow stay with me the whole day on the day we put my dad to rest and well i have this thing if i see one black crow things well not to bad but 2 well ok its geting there and if theres more then one or 2 well i better stay in the house for that stay out of site of the corw the corw is a messagener