Wednesday, January 28, 2009

HiHo! Cherry-O

When I see these little cherry berries...
I can't help but think of a childhood favorite game... HiHo! Cherry-O
We are ice bound this morning and during a quick trip outside I discovered this not so jolly holly....
With nowhere to be today, surely I can get this wee quilt finished before lunch.
I found a free chart on a blog I recently discovered ....and have been playing with threads and colors.
Someday when I can find the time, I think I'd like to take a photography class. The sun is rarely shines during the winter in Ohio and so I've moved the pencils in their matching colored buckets to the windows to brighten our days.
A label for a package that will make it's way across the pond. Inside, books and templates, some fabrics and wool and whatever else I can squeeze in before taping the box shut. Once the ice melts, I will take the parcel to the post and send you an email letting you know that it is on it's way.


Milah said...

What a cheerful post for a cold snowy day!

I want you to know there are photography classes on-line. My pastor's wife has taken one and she really liked it, just thought I'd share that with you.

Kritta22 said...

So wonderful! I really enjoyed your pictures!
I was going to suggest on online class too! I heard they are really awesome.

I love that you have matched all your pencils to the bucket! That's so cool.

Nadine said...

Why would you take a photo class, whereas YOU could give lessons to many of us ?! ;>)
Splendid photos, dear. LOVE them... as well as that baby quilt in such cuuuute 1930's repro fabrics.
Aaah, that Susan is a lucky girl, indeed, I'm sure she'll enjoy your package to the most!

BBH & smiles to you, sweetie ;>)

Judy said...

I LOVED that game!! I know it's hard on those who have to go out, but I love ice storms!
Pretty all around, those colors are just wonderful!

Nancy said...

Just discovered your blog on a link from Bumble Beans'. Have to say, based on today's photos, I think you could lead the photography classes. Love the colored pencils in buckets! Mine are in small ceramic pots my daughters made in high school ceramics classes. I'm looking forward to future posts, I've added you to my favorites.

jc said...

great shots and your stitches look perfect!