Monday, January 5, 2009

a token of frienship

I love to stitch or make small gifts to give to my friends. Some friends are near enough to deliver the gift in person and other friends live too far away to allow such a luxury. It is for those far away friends that I have to pack a box full of surprises and trust with all my heart that when I mail it off, it will reach that special someone so far away. The waiting makes me crazy! Today I received word that one of my packages to a dear friend, oh so far away, has reached her safe and sound, and my heart worries no more. Tucked inside the box was this turtle needle book that I stitched from this pattern.
When I came across the pattern last Spring, I knew just which friend it was meant for.
Beads and hedebo loops allow the top shell to be removed,
and tacked inside is a bit of wool to slip needles through.
The designer cleverly included spaces to stitch initials.


Linda said...

Such a cute little needle keeper, and so beautifully stitched. I'd say from the initals that Nadine will adore it.

Catherine said...

That is adorable! You do some incredible stitching. What a treasure for Nadine.

Kristie said...

Oh my gosh!! That is just too cute!!

Nadine said...

Ooooh YOU BET I adore it! ;>)
It just hit my doorstep TODAY, and I'm still admiring this little treasure. You are so, so talented my sweet friend . THANK YOU, THANK YOU again, for this work of art, and above all : THANK YOU for the friendship I know you did put in every stitch ! ;>)

BBH & smiles, sweetie,


That is the nicest thing I've seen in blogland in a while. Clever, cute, and very nicely executed!

Are you taking orders? ;-)

Hows the house hunting going?

Joan said...

That's so lovely

Terry said...

That's such a sweeet little turtle! Just beautiful Christine! You do some amazing stitching! :0)

Suzan said...

I love that little turtle! You did a fantastic job of it. I'm not seeing a link for the pattern - could you tell me where you found it. Please?

craftycherry said...

I just discovered your blog. Even tho Im from the other side of the world I am mad (nuts) for log cabins and almost fainted when I saw the log cabin in the woods. Its so perfect its unbelievable!!!Id move their tomorrow if I lived in the US!!
Take care

Anonymous said...

I can just imagine how wonderful it
would be to receive a special