Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Scrub-A-Dub Wednesday

I love washing dishes by hand... and this has little to do with the fact they we don't own a dishwasher. There's just something soothing about the water, the repetition, the bubbles.... and the scrubbies!!!!!
I used to buy the best sink scrubbies from an Amish shop when we lived in Ohio. They lasted forever and even withstood a run in or two with the sink disposal while it was turned on.
But then we moved away and my last scrubbie wore out and fell apart in an ugly mess. One blog page with a link to another and I found myself here with a replacement for the world's best scrubbie.
Great tutorial and the scrubbies have been sink tested and they are FANTASTIC and can be thrown into the washing machine when I think they need it. For cutting the tulle strips, I used my rotary cutter, my longest ruler and a book to keep the tulle under control. I would recommend cutting two strips at a time...knotting the ends together...rolling them onto a cardboard tube and then cutting one strip at a time and tying a knot and rolling it onto your cardboard holder. DO NOT cut all 15 strips and throw them into a pile thinking that you will knot and roll them later....terrible, terrible mess.


Tonya's Sewing Room said...

We have a dishwasher, it don't work, so we use it for storage. lol

Catherine said...

What a great idea!! Looks like a variation of those would be great for scrubbing sinks and tubs too!

Sheila said...

I have made these with only the netting....which I purchase at Walmart and cut and roll into a ball.....but to mix it with cotton that will be a nice scrub! :)
Thanks for the inspiration!
Oh....and the mess if you don't roll it right away....that sounds like the voice of experience talking. :)

Knits & Bits by Linda said...

Hi - a friend of mine sent me here. I have seen that tutorial that you are talking about. I do need to make a correction: the tulle you refer to as the material used is actually netting. The two fabrics are different. Tulle is used for making bridal or communion veils, wrapping favors, decorating, etc. Net is coarser and stiffer and the fabric of choice for making the best scrubbies in whatever pattern you work with.
My daughter Jill and I both sell the netting at our webstores. I carry 32 colors and Jill carries the other 12 that I don't. The netting is precut 3" wide by 40yds long, which makes working with it so much easier. It can be cut to 1 1/2 inch strips by using a bread knife and cutting in a sawing motion right through the cardboard and all!
Her business is The Tulle Shed
She also carries the tulle on spools. And netting by the bolt.
My business is Knits & Bits by Linda
Please checkout our stores. Once you work with the netting precut on the spool you will NEVER want to cut it from the whole yard again!
Thanks for your time,
Linda Laubenthal - owner Knits & Bits by Linda

Nadine said...

Hmmmmmm, knowing me, it's a hopeless project.... I'd better ask my favourite Santa to make one for me, promising I'll be a good girl ;>)


Marilyn R said...

I have made a couple of the scrubbies lately. I haven't washed dishes with them yet, but I plan to be giving them away as gifts. Now to make one for me!

Melvin said...

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Judy said...

Okay now I am so angry...I have popped onto my bloglines here and there and never any posts from you. Then today it says 8 new ones!! Now wonder I asked about the netting, I never saw this post! Saw the one before and the one after.

Oh well, I'll check my hand each time now! Glad to see how it worked now and they do work fantastic! I tried mine out! Thanks again!

Now off to read up on all the "lost" posts!