Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Blizzard Abbey ...the worse may still be on it's way

We knew it was coming and our guess is that
as of this morning there is about a foot of snow...
our local am radio station has dubbed this storm...Blizzard Abbey....
there may be a few more inches through the
rest of today....but it's not the snow that
has us's the wind that is
the trees are so heavy with snow that it's not taking
much for some of the branches to snap even
under the light winds that are starting...
Immediate seating is available for a party of four.....
We also have a single seat available for a party of one
out on the patio with a lovely view of the snow covered trees...
...I highly recommend something HOT off the menu!
This storm finds me two thumbls shy of a pair of mittens.
The yarn was dyed by girlie for a pair of boot socks,
but after knitting them up...
I ripped them completely out because I thought
the colors were too pretty to hid inside a pair of snowboots.
A bit of quick knitting of thumbs this morning and I bet they
will get their first taste of snow by lunchtime.
I'm hoping to be holed up tomorrow as well...
school has been cancelled and girlie needs boot socks...
she used food color to dye more yarn...
I've had this pattern book in my stash for over 20 years
and I think this is the perfect blizzard to make my first pair.
and if I run out of yarn then I am hoping to get a chance to
sit and spin a bit of baby camel and silk that I
came across at a little shop in Columbus, Wisconsin.