Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I'll Match Your Donation x's TEN!

There is a very sweet, young lady at this blog collecting 9 patches for a worthy cause and I am hoping that you might spare a few minutes out of your month to help her out.
Nothing fancy...
use what you have in your scrap basket or stash,
a light and a dark... or make the entire block scrappy...
I began cutting and sewing strips this afternoon and hope to get them in the mail tomorrow, but you have until the 14th of February to get them to her. I know what your thinking...your busy, have too many projects started, have lots of other things you need to do... believe me SISTER, I hear you...BUSY is my middle name, but we can't have this young lady checking her mailbox hoping to find mail only to be left disheartened by an empty box... Sooooooo...I challenge you with this... for each comment that you leave on this post promising to make even ONE 9 patch to send to her.... I will make TEN blocks to match your donation of ONE block. (It's quite alright if you make more than one) I triple dog dare you!

HiHo! Cherry-O

When I see these little cherry berries...
I can't help but think of a childhood favorite game... HiHo! Cherry-O
We are ice bound this morning and during a quick trip outside I discovered this not so jolly holly....
With nowhere to be today, surely I can get this wee quilt finished before lunch.
I found a free chart on a blog I recently discovered ....and have been playing with threads and colors.
Someday when I can find the time, I think I'd like to take a photography class. The sun is rarely shines during the winter in Ohio and so I've moved the pencils in their matching colored buckets to the windows to brighten our days.
A label for a package that will make it's way across the pond. Inside, books and templates, some fabrics and wool and whatever else I can squeeze in before taping the box shut. Once the ice melts, I will take the parcel to the post and send you an email letting you know that it is on it's way.