Thursday, January 29, 2009

Are You Superstitious?

If we leave the house and then have to go back inside after having locked the door....
then once I go back in for what I need, I have to sit on a step and wait for a moment before leaving the house again. I can remember having done this since I was a very, young child. And if more than one person went back into the house......we all had to sit on the steps for Good Luck.
If I spill salt....then I have to throw some over my shoulder for Good Luck....I'm not sure which shoulder is the lucky one, so I toss some over both just to be kidding! But this is one... that I'm not too happy about.... The children found this bird flying around in the house when I ran down the lane for the mail this afternoon. They trapped it in girlie's room and I was able to catch it with our butterfly net on the first try. Some people who are superstitious say that a bird that flies into the house means that there will be a death in the house within the year. Others that are superstitious believe that a bird that flies into the house, foretells an important message. I'll listen closely for the message, while I pray that the first one is just an old wives tale. Leave me a comment and let me know if there are old wives tales or superstitious that are woven through your days.