Friday, March 6, 2009

March Madness!

In September of 2007, I entered a quilt in the Baby Quilt Contest that the Fons and Porter magazine was holding. While I didn't win the prize, I was contacted by the magazine for permission to use my quilt in an upcoming magazine. I was originally told that my quilt would be featured in a special baby quilt edition of the magazine. Well, that issue came and went on the newsstand and there was no sign of my quilt inside. With life becoming so busy with the move lately...the entire thing had slipped my mind until this little package graced my mailbox totally unexpected earlier this week. After letting out a whoop and a which my son said, "Mom, I've never heard you yell like that!" I flipped through the issue to find what I knew must be waiting inside.... and there they are the two quilts I originally entered in the contest so long ago. But better than seeing my work featured in a magazine were the words uttered by my child, "Mom, I'm proud of you!" Even though just a handful of days have passed it has been a month of March madness. Last weekend, my son and his team traveled back to Cleveland to play in the championship playoffs and won 4-2. All the hours spent driving to and from the rink over the last five years.... The hours I froze waiting through practice.... And all the hot dog dinners at the snack stand.... I'd do it all over again for a season like that! The Amazing Molly Brown! The children and I have been struggling with boredom while waiting for our turn to move to Wisconsin. One day we got it in our heads that it would be funny if we taught Molly how to get her own ice cubes from the freezer....and it was funny the first dozen or so times! Now when you're in another room and hear the ice machine running and all those ice cubes crashing to the floor...we shake our heads and wonder just what we were thinking! Because Molly doesn't want just one ice cube... she wants them all and has learned to keep her paw pressed to the lever to keep them coming! We're no longer bored and now we spend our time mopping the floor from all those melted ice cubes.