Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Daffodil Project

We moved to our farm two years ago and when the snow melted
that first Spring we were pleasantly surprised to find hundreds of daffodils planted in the flower beds.
There was just one small problem....they were crowding each other out and none of the bulbs were producing any flowers. So last summer I waited until the foliage yellowed and dug up huge clumps of daffodils and separated each bulb and transplanted them into sweet little rows giving each new bulb plenty of room to expand. Just one small glitch in last summer's daffodil relocation project... had I known that we would be moving I wouldn't have gone to all that work. So what's a gardener to do when the sun is shining and you're sick of being stuck in the house packing? Easy...First, head outside and dig up some of the clumps that were missed in the back flower beds last summer. Second, soak them in water to help remove some of the packed soil and then very gingerly wiggle each bulb away from the clump being sure to leave a good set of roots on each bulb. Then lay them out in the sun to dry before packing them in a box right before the moving truck heads to Wisconsin. There wasn't a daffodil left in the beds by the time I was done. Even the ones that I transplanted last summer were dug back up. We lost count somewhere between two hundred and three hundred bulbs. I have removed all the flowers and have left the foliage intact. After flowering, the bulb recharges itself through the foliage so that it can flower again the next year. Only after the leaves have turned yellow in early summer should they be removed. Next week they will be put back into the ground when we move into our new home in Wisconsin. I just hope there isn't snow on the ground!