Sunday, June 7, 2009

one link leads to the next...and a little bit more

One of my favorite quilters has a website, but no blog... and while popping over to see what's new in her little corner of the world, I noticed on the bottom of her web page the mention of one of her quilts in an upcoming quilt magazine. A quick trip to town to search for a copy of the magazine and a raid on some fabrics Sarah and I found at the quilt show last summer ...
One child away to the symphony and another lost in an old war movie....who can resist trying a block or two from the pattern in the magazine.
I'd love to find a blue and cheddar repro for the border, but I am trying to use up and make do with what I have. A LITTLE BIT MORE: The miniature Chimney Sweep block shown above was machine pieced by me using the pattern by Ann Hermes that appears in the August/September 2009 of Quilt magazine. Using the fabrics from my stash I was able to reproduce a block very similar to the one shown in the magazine. The fabrics I used for the block were from Judie Rothermel's Lancaster County III collection.