Thursday, June 11, 2009

7 naughty quilting words that begin with R...

rip repeat re-iron re-measure re-cut re-pin re-stitch
I also thought about calling this post..."Now you see it... you don't!" Or how about "A bad week quilting is still better than a good week at work!"
I had a shoulda, woulda, coulda moment... in that I shoulda remeasured the blocks and sashing and I woulda not had waving sashings and borders and I coulda been done with this top and I'd be quilting it by now. I was just a few basting stitches away from preparing this top for quilting, but I know better that to think that everything can be quilted out. Once I stepped away from the quilt and came back the next morning I knew that had I gone forward with the quilting.... I would have been forever haunted by the waving sashing and borders and the little verse I heard my mother say many times when I was a child...... ALWAYS FINISH If a task is once begun Never leave it till it's done. Be the labor great or small, Do it well or not at all. UNKNOWN I think this little verse will find it's way onto the label that eventually will be stitched onto the back of the finished quilt.