Thursday, July 9, 2009

simply summer

what was to be a pond...
tis no more....60 dump truck loads of dirt was a cheaper option than finishing what the seller had begun.
a washcloth for scout camp...because this year pink is out!
just kill me one more time before you leave for camp ...a sister's simple request of her brother, knight, enemy, and best friend.
perhaps he's watched Monty Python one too many times as he's got the taunting French soldier down perfectly... the cleanest baby in this neck of the woods sorry it's blurry...was able to sneak the photo through the door without her seeing me.
the Sajou piece of mail in the letter box, at least until the order I placed arrives... my effort to help boost the world's economy one package at a time.
love, love, love these leaves and could while away the hours just staring up at them on a summer's day
Christmas stitching... a record of days and thoughts and hopes and dreams