Wednesday, July 15, 2009

the ides of july

Another part of the stitching for Christmas gifts, but not a Christmas stitchery. Does that make sense? Can't show the entire piece because that would just ruin the surprise.
I have become horribly addicted to making these knitted cloths from Messy Karen and I absolutely blame Lindsey for hooking me. I promise it takes NO time to whip these up. They finish at 4" x 5" and are cute tied with a bar of special soap.
I can't resist this Blackbird Design pincushion I just need to figure out who I can stitch it for as a Christmas gift so I can keep my word to work only on Christmas gifts after the 1st of July. Do you need a pincushion?
This stitching is one strand over one thread... not to be confused with my two strand over two threads project. I can't work them on the same day or my eyes go loopy.
Some day I may crochet something other than these crocheted bandages....maybe...if I can find the time to learn a new stitch! It doesn't help that I visit this blog and find myself green with envy. Maybe making that afghan will be on my New Year's resolution list.