Tuesday, August 25, 2009

home SWEET home

Things I promised myself that I would do in 2009...
on or before November 1st, make pomanders to hang through the house at Christmas time....
One of my sweetest Christmas memories from my childhood is sitting at the kitchen table with a basket of oranges and a shaker tin of cloves. For years I have wanted to spend time with my children making orange pomanders, but somewhere in the bustle and rush of the holidays....we seem to always find ourselves on the other side of Christmas looking back and saying "next year" .....sigh
Last Christmas, our home was being packed for our upcoming move and with our house listed for sale we tried to keep the mess to a minimum and pomanders were pushed to next year...again I made a handful of promises over New Year that I have been working diligently to keep...and so the last time we went to the market I added oranges, lemons and whole cloves to the basket.... The oranges will take several weeks to thoroughly dry and will last for years and years. Once the oranges are completely dry,they will be tied with a ribbon and as we begin decorating for the holidays a pomander will be hung in each room. promise #2 KEPT!