Friday, October 29, 2010

two prize boxes are better than one....

my children each wanted to have a turn
pulling a winning name from the bucket...
so what's a mom to do...

quick thinking and  a bit of dividing the names into
woolies and cottony entries and a winner
was drawing from each category...

the cottony stitchy prize box will be heading out to...

and the wooly knitty prize box will wing it's way off to...

thanks to everyone who stopped by to leave a comment.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

a reason to celebrate!!!


Last Friday we made the trip into our doctor's office for
what we found out was to be our last shot in our rabies series.....

which means that I need to draw a name for my little give have until this Friday to leave you name and a
good link to you or your email address and if your choice
of a prize box would be something wooly for knitting or spinning
or something quilty and need to
leave your comment on the original post.....any
comments left here will not be included in Friday's giveaway.

thanks for stopping by...

Sunday, October 10, 2010

let's play a could save a life

If a person is sleeping in a room and awakes to discover a bat....what do you do?

I'm not going to make you do research or join as a follower.
The point is I want you to be able to make an educated decision
if you find yourself in the medical urgency that we found
ourselves in this past week.

So here's the answer....if you or someone you know awakes or discovers a bat in a sleeping area......
Assume they have been bitten and seek medical attention.  While only 1% of the bat population carries rabies...a person can be bitten or scratched by an infected animal while sleeping and be totally unaware that a bite or scratch occurred.  What you need to know is that there is ABSOLUTELY NO CURE FOR RABIES!!!!! 

How did we come to share this information with you?  Last Wednesday night we discovered a bat in our was clinging  from a rafter in my bedroom ceiling which is part of the open area of the main living area of our log cabin.  We know that an outside door was left open for a quite a long time on Tuesday evening and the bat may have been in the house for at least 24 hours.  We tried to open the doors and windows but the bat was last seen flying up into the rafters and stone work of our fireplace.   That night we thoroughly searched the two bedrooms with doors and hunkered down to sleep there for the evening.  I tossed and turned while something that I remembered reading on a blog a long time ago swirled in my head...

I recalled reading  something about finding a bat in a bedroom and needing to seek medical treatment.

Thursday morning  I got on line and started looking for information regarding bats and what should be done if you find one in a room where someone has been sleeping.  We learned more about rabies and the number of people worldwide who die from it every year than we ever expected to learn.  But what we didn't know is that there is absolutely no cure for rabies.  Once you exhibit symptoms there is no treatment.  Because we don't have the bat....we can't send it to be tested to see if the animal is a carrier of rabies.  Knowing that information would have given us an option of starting treatment if the bat was infected with rabies....but without it there was only one decision to make...and because the bat was found in the main sleeping and living area of our cabin....and because the children sometimes leave their rooms to use the bathroom and return to their beds without closing their doors....we had no choice but to seek medical treatment for their safety as well.

After contacting the local and state health departments we were advised to seek immediate medical treatment for possible exposure to rabies.  Friday we spent five hours in the emergency room of our nearby hospital.  We were each thoroughly examined for bite wounds or scratches and while all of us appear not to have any visible bites...bat bites can be difficult to detect.  Which leaves us to the ouchy part.....we each received injections to protect us from developing rabies.  Hubby and I received one injection in the arm....two in the bottom...and one on each thigh....FIVE shots each....OUCH!!!!

Here's the hard part....both of my children each received an injection in their arm and one on each thigh....sweet babies...OUCH... THREE shots heart ached when I knew what needed to be done to keep them safe.  Their tear stained faces after there injections made my soul ache and what I wouldn't have given to make the whole situation disappear.

And it's not over....for post-exposure non-bite rabies treatment the injections continue on days 3, 7 and 14 for one additional injection each. 

If you've read this far and are still here....hopefully this little bit of information will weave it's way into your being and if you or someone you know finds them in this situation you will be able to recall it.  I will tell you to skip calling your primary care physicians....ours was clueless when it came to answering questions regarding the treatment of rabies.  It is a medical typo....and you should seek medical attention at an EMERGENCY room.  They were the only treatment facility that carried the injections we needed. 

If you're still here and want a chance to win my giveaway....leave your name and a contact email in the comments and tell me if you'd like a prize box full of wooly fun for knitting and spinning........or a prize box full  of quilty cottony stitchy things.

Either way... on my last day of treatment (today is day 2) I will pull a name from all of the comments and send off a box full of happy things.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

my name is christine and I am a penny pincher....

The people at Downy and Snuggle don't want you
to know this... but I can save you money by using
LESS of their products... here's how...

start with one cup of liquid fabric softener and
mix it with two cups of water in a jar with
a lid and shake well.

fill spray bottle and grab a new clean sponge
Load clothes into dryer and spray each side
of the dry sponge FIVE times.  Toss sponge into
dryer and run dryer.  Depending on the size of
the load of laundry, you may need to SLIGHTY
increase or decrease by a spray or two.

If after many loads of clothes the sponge starts to become
shrived and begins to under warm
water and squeeze out excess water.  The sponge
is ready to be used again. 

Now if I could just find a way to water down gasoline!

Monday, September 13, 2010

baa, baa black sheep.....

I waited all summer for September to get here
and I have to say that I wasn't disappointed...

boy child...who seems to be inching closer to being a
teenager every time I turn around...

 and I played hookey from school on Friday and
headed over to the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival

Last winter when both children were in school
I found myself with a few extra hours to myself during
the day and I have rekindle my love of hand spinning...

which led to the purchase of a new very portable
spinning wheel.  It's small and folds nearly flat
and came with a bag that protects it from
small fingers that like to twist knobs when I'm not looking.

While I love spinning processed fibers... my heart
belongs to washing, hand carding and spinning raw fleece.

I've been working with a Corriedale fleece that
girlie and I picked up in Kentucky last year. 
It's a long way to being ready to knit into a sweater...

especially when this little temptation is sitting on a shelf nearby
calling my name and begging me to go for a spin.
The tag is still in the bag...but I want to say it was
a soy and Merino blend.  Four balls came home and
it should lead to plenty of yardage.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

got pumpkin?

if Libby Pumpkin isn't in your pantry then you're out of luck,
because you won't find it on the shelves in
the grocery stores either....

at least not until Libby gets the 2010 pumpkin harvest
picked, processed and shipped to grocery stores.

The leaves on the trees are changing and the nights are
getting colder...which means it's time to bake
pumpkin bread.  My family will easily go through
four loaves of pumkpin bread in a week.

When my children saw for themselves and read on the
internet that the stores are sold out of pumpkin,
they convinced me that I could make
my own pumpkin...all we needed were a few pie pumpkins.

I cut the pumpkins into quarters, scrapped out the yuckies,
added a half cup of water to the roasting pan, covered
and baked for about 90 minutes.  Once the pumpkin
cooled I used a melon spoon to scoop out the pumkin
from the skin.  To smooth out the pumpkin I will
probably throw it into the food processor before
freezing it. 

Don't believe me that there's a shortage of pumpkin?

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

simply finished....

Ask my girlie what I did last weekend
and she'll tell you that I sat on my butt...

I can see how she'd think that...
I hooked 45 baby granny squares in two days,
sewed all the remaing blocks into rows...
and when I should have been cleaning on
Monday for a house appraisal, I sat on
my butt some more and finished the
baby grannyghan with a sweet little edging..

off to find a box so that I can pop it in the post...

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Our log cabin does not have air conditioning...
and it's just too hot these days to try getting any stitching
done on a blanket of this size.  There is only one skein
of yarn left and when the weather cools it shouldn't take
me very long to finish the last couple of rows.

So I've begun sewing together baby granny squares
for a baby that will most likely arrive before the
blanket is finished...but I'm sure it will be
finished before the first snow flies.
I hope it will keep him nice and toasty.

I spent the last two weeks sitting in an ice rink while my
son attended hockey camps in Chicago...
and I was able to knit nearly three pairs of socks.

and another pair was started....
I can't wait to see how this orange pair turns out.
Did I mention that I love knitting socks?

 a sneak peak at a pair of socks for a Christmas gift...

We always had parakeets growing up...and I couldn't
                                    imagine our home without them. We take their cage outside
                                      each morning and hang it on the porch. We worry that
                                               racoons might try to get into the cage so we bring
                                                         it back into the house each night.

Hope you are enjoying your summer. 

Monday, June 21, 2010

One of my favourite blogs...

I, absolutely adore everything about Lucy's blog over
at Attic24....completely smitten... I've decided to work up a baby granny square blanket
similar to one of Lucy's blog for someone I know who is having a baby...


just a sneak peak..I.can't wait to get the first few blocks stitched together
then it might feel like a blanket and not just collection of squares.

Hopefully I will be able to get these worked up
and stitched together many little time!

Is there a blog you are completely smitten with?
Leave the address in the comments so that I can stop by
and visit the blog that makes your heart sing.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Bantam Chicks delivery available...No Kidding!

Last fall, a very sweet blogger and her hunk of a husband
met my children and me in parking lot in a torential  downpour
and gifted us with a box of Bantam chickens...
inside the box was one insane rooster and 5 happy hens...

nine months later and!

Actually it doesn't really take that long to get baby chicks....
it takes only 21 days...

and there wasn't just one baby....there were 8!!!!!


So here's my chance to bring a little chicky love to your home....
the chicks are now going on 5 weeks old and they are feathered out
and ready to find a new home....we have 7 chicks that need a new home...

On Wednesday of this week,we will be driving from
Wisconsin to Buffalo, New York for a hockey tournament....
so if you live somewhere in that general direction
we will bring the chicks to charge....just a chance for you
to have as much fun as we've had raising a small back yard flock.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

pot roast and pie

i don't worry much about the crust on the bottom being perfect ...

... a little cream around the edges and thick one will notice.... sweet little pie bird, you make me smile....

...pie by hand...
I've always used lard and cream to make the crust.
thank goodness we have berries in the fridge....
this pie was eaten for breakfast by my littles....
so good to have you home!

and now on to the pot roast....up until two weeks ago I had never
made a pot roast...Two pot roasts later, we are completely smitten
with this recipe from The Pioneer Woman....
and the potatoes are to die for...absolutley nothing compares!!!

Sundays will never be the same in our home again...

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

the filling of days....

have been trying to adjust to having both children in school since
February....and I have to say that the next 6 school days can't go by
quick enough.... I am SO looking forward to having the three of
us back together...I hope the summer just DRAGS!

to keep my mind busy and my heart distracted I have thrown myself
completly into everything crochet....
this sweetie will eventually be used on my bed...
made of Noro sock yarn it's growing ever so slowly but it makes my
heart go pitter-patter...

and when I found this gem in a Japanese crochet book
my heart skipped a beat....completely smitten!

my children are in swim lessons for four weeks starting
in a couple of weeks...the first row is completed 
and if I keep my eye on the prize.
I may have a blanket by the 4th of July...
fingers crossed for sunny days and the pool to stay open.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

my granny is twisted!

...this granny is spinning out of control...

I am on the verge of ripping out and starting over,
but I don't know how to prevent the next attempt from
ending up in the same twisted fashion...
anyone know what might be causing my twisted granny...

I know that blocking works wonders...
but knowing there is already I turn back now
and try again...HELP!!!!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

february handwork

on my needles....Alpaca, my, mine!!!

on the end of my hook....a blanket for a baby boy....

tired of lost hooks and needles...finally a solution...I love HOBBY LOBBY!

work continues on my granny squares...the stack grows slowly

....completely smitten with these socks...

these should keep me busy at least until the end of school...
in June....maybe...

Monday, February 1, 2010

The First Day of School

Somewhere tucked far away in the back of my head
 I knew this day would come....

...but what I never imagined was how much my heart would ache.

My boy will spend the rest of the year at a Waldorf day school with his sister...
and I will try to keep my hands busy with all the stitching I 
dreamt of doing when this day came.

Monday, January 11, 2010

me and my Nanny McPhee

While we haven't had television in our home for
nearly two years, we do have favorite movies that we
occassionally find in our letterbox from Netflix...
and we view them on a portable dvd player
with an 8" screen...
...and last summer while watching Nanny McPhee,
I was smitten with the granny square afghan on Chrissy's
bed. I grabbed the camera and began snapping photos
trying to catch as many shots of the colors as possible...
I gathered the wool and then set it aside so to wait for
my courage and crochet skills to catch up with me and I
worked on this blanket for Sarah...
last week after watching Nanny Mcphee again...
and having come across this granny sqaure tutorial...
I gave it a go and ....
so begins the journey of stitching
my very own Nanny Mcphee.