Wednesday, May 26, 2010

the filling of days....

have been trying to adjust to having both children in school since
February....and I have to say that the next 6 school days can't go by
quick enough.... I am SO looking forward to having the three of
us back together...I hope the summer just DRAGS!

to keep my mind busy and my heart distracted I have thrown myself
completly into everything crochet....
this sweetie will eventually be used on my bed...
made of Noro sock yarn it's growing ever so slowly but it makes my
heart go pitter-patter...

and when I found this gem in a Japanese crochet book
my heart skipped a beat....completely smitten!

my children are in swim lessons for four weeks starting
in a couple of weeks...the first row is completed 
and if I keep my eye on the prize.
I may have a blanket by the 4th of July...
fingers crossed for sunny days and the pool to stay open.