Thursday, September 16, 2010

my name is christine and I am a penny pincher....

The people at Downy and Snuggle don't want you
to know this... but I can save you money by using
LESS of their products... here's how...

start with one cup of liquid fabric softener and
mix it with two cups of water in a jar with
a lid and shake well.

fill spray bottle and grab a new clean sponge
Load clothes into dryer and spray each side
of the dry sponge FIVE times.  Toss sponge into
dryer and run dryer.  Depending on the size of
the load of laundry, you may need to SLIGHTY
increase or decrease by a spray or two.

If after many loads of clothes the sponge starts to become
shrived and begins to under warm
water and squeeze out excess water.  The sponge
is ready to be used again. 

Now if I could just find a way to water down gasoline!

Monday, September 13, 2010

baa, baa black sheep.....

I waited all summer for September to get here
and I have to say that I wasn't disappointed...

boy child...who seems to be inching closer to being a
teenager every time I turn around...

 and I played hookey from school on Friday and
headed over to the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival

Last winter when both children were in school
I found myself with a few extra hours to myself during
the day and I have rekindle my love of hand spinning...

which led to the purchase of a new very portable
spinning wheel.  It's small and folds nearly flat
and came with a bag that protects it from
small fingers that like to twist knobs when I'm not looking.

While I love spinning processed fibers... my heart
belongs to washing, hand carding and spinning raw fleece.

I've been working with a Corriedale fleece that
girlie and I picked up in Kentucky last year. 
It's a long way to being ready to knit into a sweater...

especially when this little temptation is sitting on a shelf nearby
calling my name and begging me to go for a spin.
The tag is still in the bag...but I want to say it was
a soy and Merino blend.  Four balls came home and
it should lead to plenty of yardage.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

got pumpkin?

if Libby Pumpkin isn't in your pantry then you're out of luck,
because you won't find it on the shelves in
the grocery stores either....

at least not until Libby gets the 2010 pumpkin harvest
picked, processed and shipped to grocery stores.

The leaves on the trees are changing and the nights are
getting colder...which means it's time to bake
pumpkin bread.  My family will easily go through
four loaves of pumkpin bread in a week.

When my children saw for themselves and read on the
internet that the stores are sold out of pumpkin,
they convinced me that I could make
my own pumpkin...all we needed were a few pie pumpkins.

I cut the pumpkins into quarters, scrapped out the yuckies,
added a half cup of water to the roasting pan, covered
and baked for about 90 minutes.  Once the pumpkin
cooled I used a melon spoon to scoop out the pumkin
from the skin.  To smooth out the pumpkin I will
probably throw it into the food processor before
freezing it. 

Don't believe me that there's a shortage of pumpkin?